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Are our personal differences "right" or "wrong" in Gods eyes, or just...

Steven Bobb

Ok...God didn't create robots. I would say, we see things differently, although it DOES seem to me like most people are brainwashed into thinking a certain way.whether because they see the "masses" do it. and it's trendy, or just don't think for themselves. Or their family thought that way, and , having grown up in that atmosphere, they take it as "gospel" that they must think that way too. Anyway...when it comes to "gray areas',if it's mainly "viewpoints",and not mentioned in the Bible, would God "lean towards "one side?Like.. for example...most people I've heard seem to think that being alone is a negative thing, and feel loneliness. They might even consider it a stigma. I, on the other hand,see it differently like I look at being alone as a break from irritating people.So me and them see it entirely different. Most say being busy is good, and when they have "too much " time to themselves, say it's boring. I, instead of boring, look at it as "downtime', a break from the ratrace. Some think someone turning down a "favor" to someone is being selfish..I notice that in many cases, because we've all inherited the fallen nature, the person ASKING the "favor" , if done with wrong intent, or asking them to do something that could get them in trouble,or just to have power over the person like their personal slave, {if they make a habit of it}I say the one ASKING for things is many times the selfish one.So again, though.. many other cases I can think of, but the question is the fact that we see things differently, in "questionable " areas that maybe aren't mentioned in the Bible,is there a right and a wrong{in those things} ,according to Gods standard? Or are those things just our particular "tastes" , and in spiritual things, don't matter?
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