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Anchored in God

Brother J. Colin

Beloved of All
Greetings Holy Family;

We can only give from what is inside of us. This is where our core-beliefs are located. Consequently 'giving' is subjected to our inner-workings - our god with the lower case 'g" or our God with capital 'G'. The fruits we bare will show which god we serve. We knowingly or unkowingly spend most of our time actively surrendering to our god, no matter which one it may be.

We can only give others from what is inside us. But if one is to 'do onto others as you would want others to doto you', then results would vary from person to person. If our anchor is the bottle, gambling, sex, work, money, and fear, how can we treat others with Love? We would undoubtedly serve the people with substandard actions.

The Golden Rule as no chance with a lower god. We must anchor ourselves with our true God. We must clean our house and rid ouselves of any competing gods that we may still have lurking inside our closets.

God is first. Let us seek God with all of our might, soul, and spirit. Seek first the Kingdom of God, the centre of true Love. We must developed a self-control life worthy of housing 'The One'. We are to have dominion over all including our character. Let us refrain from judging or ruling others while we can't even rule our human traits. We must get our house in order and then we can endeavour to benefit others by the grace of God.

Heavenly Father free us from all bondages we may still possess. Teach us to become a holy temple in Your sight. Fortify us with fruits of the Spirit, in Jesus' precious name.

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Humble Prayer Warrior
The gods of this world will perish and pass away with time. But the Lord, our eternal God will reign forever. Set your foot on solid ground. In Jesus alone there is fullness of peace.
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