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all every one of my realshionships friendships are blessed ...


Beloved of All
all every one of my realshionships friendships are blessed flourishes great wonderful amazing friends comes into my life now my friends enlarges abundantly now I am so very well liked always no one will ever ever say a bad word thing negative thing about me ever ever agin no one will ever ever lie about me ever again my name is blessed in jesus namess

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Beloved of All
Heavenly Father,

I pray that every need will be met here today, in accordance to Your will, Your mercy, Your grace & Your perfect timing. LORD, bring Your divine peace to their heart, while You are working wonderful & divine miracles in their life, this I pray, in Jesus' Holy name. Thank You, LORD, in advance, for hearing this prayer. (REVELATION 5:13,


Beloved of All
Staff member
Thank you for giving us the privilege to pray on your behalf. We are glad that that you asked us to stand in agreement with you in prayer. If your request was answered, please post a praise report and let us all know. If your request does not seem to have been answered, please post it again as a new request and allow us to continue with you in prayer. We all hope that our prayers are answered in the way that we want. Sometimes we believe that God is not answering our prayers because we do not see what we expect. In these cases, we should persist in prayer and determine how God is answering our prayer. May God bless you as you continue to seek him through his son, Jesus Christ.
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