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A Teachable Moment For All Christians In The USA

The Encourager

The Encourager
Trump accidentally tweeted an insult at a pastor. Here’s how the pastor responded.

This Pastor Responded to President Trump the way every Christian should respond to him or anyone. Read the whole article, you will be blessed. It is a teachable moment for all of us. WE ALL NEED TO BE WALKING IN LOVE!!!!


“Although I was an accidental casualty caught in the cross-fire of your ‘lightweight’ tweet, your attack was very purposeful and hurtful. Many others, whether American citizens or global citizens, feel wounded and hurt by the shrapnel and side-effects of your ongoing Twitter attacks,” Carl wrote in his letter.

He hurled the same insult back at Trump that Trump had mistakenly leveled at him — but then turned it into a theological point. “Let’s be honest, you are a lightweight too,” Carl wrote. “We all are. God is the only heavyweight who knows it all and gets it right all the time.”

He pleaded with the president: “Please don’t make the Twitter-universe such a dark and depressing place. It shouldn’t be a place to argue, fight, or jockey for position. We can disagree and debate without childish name-calling. You can make Twitter a better place.”

Pastor Carl didn’t mince words for the president. “Your heart must be in a dangerous place to have such a consistent flow of defamation and disrespect towards so many,” he said.

Perhaps President Lincoln would not have been overly fond of Twitter, based on one 1861 quotation that Carl selected from the great emancipator: “I am rather inclined to silence, and whether that be wise or not, it is at least more unusual nowadays to find a man who can hold his tongue than to find one who cannot.”
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All Chrstians in America should be fasting and praying for salvation of all elected officials. Jesus said. By their fruit ye shall know them. We see, hear and know who are saved and who are lost. So, let us all ask Jesus to save them and make America a missionary sending country again where lost souls will come to Him and know Him and be save and on their way to heaven. O Lord, please, save them all we pray. Amen


Humble Prayer Warrior
We all shall give an account to God almighty for what we did here on earth. My hope and my prayer is that the leaders of our country will be found faultless before Jesus. Saved and ready to enter heaven.
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