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A Prayer : Speaking In New Tounges.


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Abba Father, I really ache for all that not yet are being baptized in The Holy Spirit with speaking in new tounges as a sign, for I know how much it means to have this in the daily walk with You down here. So I thank You once again that You will call on them to receive this precious gift of Yours, and give them wisdom, will and courage to use it daily in their lives....praying in new tounges/in The Holy Spirit, and in that way building themselves up on their most Holy faith, keeping themselves in Your love....looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life, in Jesus mighty Name, Amen!

You who reads this....if you wanna know how I got baptized in The Holy Spirit, you are welcome to read about it in my blog in here. :eek:) I am so eager that you also shall experience this, by receiving this gift of God today! May God richly bless you as you read this!

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Amen, the Holy Spirit actually prays for things we no not of, ...it is a surety to know we have received His spirit within us and a blessing to know that He lives inside..Lord open up the minds and hearts of Your people to receive Your spirit in Jesus name


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amen the holy spirit was a gift from the Lord. The holy spirit is amazing, the holy spirit guides us to an amazing life the holy spirit guides us to the Lord's pathway it is important to be obedient to the holy spirit... The holy spirit prays for things for us that we need and dont know we need.. Praise God for the amazing gift he has given us....


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Amen! And The Holy Spirit will just confirm Gods Holy Word, and He will just glorify Jesus and God.....He will not be glorified Himself.:eek:)
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