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Prayer to Jesus

Prayer to Jesus

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Shay Villere
This book is designed to teach you proven truth about how to make miracles happen in your life and the life of others. While I suggest you read it in it's entirety, real help can be found in each individual passage. We do not claim to be God. We do not claim to have any more power than the next person in the world. But our methods work, and if you have studied Christianity for a while and felt like there was more to it, here you go...enjoy!
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the prayer request is my only hope what ever obstacle i met i came here and all my friends are pleading God to make things better and all my worries is wash away in the blood of Jesus Christ our saviour.
all prayer request for this forum may god hear ,heal,help through this all prayers amen
Your prayers do work excellent job well done i am still suffering i do enjoy everything God works are real. Thanks to everyone job well done. Amen. Peace and love.
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