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Humbly asking for prayers for my family, my self, and my new students this year. Greatly appreciate your support.

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Our Dear Father, *Pray requests for my new class. Help them focus and have a love to learn. *Wrap your arms around us (my family) with the holy spirit to grant our basic needs and keep us safe and healthy. *My son M needs your protection in his marriage and finances. Keep B and B and B ( 3 grandbabies) happy, healthy and safe. Each time B and B, ride the bus keep them safe from harm and return home safely. My granddaughter is struggling with focusing problems in school so please pray for her...

Please pray I am protected from malicious ...

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Please pray I am protected from malicious neighbours who are pretending I have cash income-I don’t,and am in huge debt

Please pray that the enemy would be ...

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Please pray that the enemy would be bound from my life.

Humbly asking for son J., for financial independence with a good job, healthy body and mind, and Chrisitan wife and children. God Bless all!

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Dear Father, Help J. , stay steady in his work every day of the week and get called for other jobs immediately from bosses he works well with. Keep him safe with his transportation to and from his place of employment/throughout his trips. Please continue to have him be employed and having his bosses think he is doing an amazing job and tell him. Help his ideas materialize with his career. Help many clients be obtained by him. Please help his writings sale immediately. Help J., financially be...

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Dear Jesus, thank you for everything. Please ...

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Dear Jesus, thank you for everything. Please put an end to every spiritual attack against me, please, amen, thank you. I plead it humbly of you that you forgive me and make it so. May the world know peace by the power in your holy might, forgive all and make it so, amen, thank you.

Shay tells Didi and and her family ...

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Shay tells Didi and and her family she wants to help Joanna out as much as she can now. Joanna gets her blessings now from her wild favor for now on easily into exsistence everyone has a heart for Joanna for now on. Ken decides he would love to see Joanna in his supervision everyone knows now that Joshua Nixon loves Joanna because he is going to let everyone know he is done drinking and acting out and he is going sober for Joanna his mind is made up according to God’s will now. Joshua Nixon...

Please pray for me that my personal ...

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Please pray for me that my personal problems that affect my job performance tonight or the rest of tge week in Jesus name please help me no oonger worry that I am the 4th or 5th most important person to my wife and stop worrying about how she wants to raise my son i. JESUS NAME I dont wanna care

Hello everyone, I have an urgent prayer ...

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Hello everyone, I have an urgent prayer for today, and I hope it does not come across as strange: I have somebody who's Birthday is today, and we have had a rocky time earlier this year before we stopped talking for months. However, he is my Best Friend, and I don't want to lose him. He messaged me a month ago asking how I was, but I do not know if he still cares, but I care so deeply about him, as a friend for the rest of my life, I'm hoping. I felt isolated praying about this by myself...

Say "YES" If you believe.

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AFFIRMATION I choose to have a positive mindset no matter what kind of challenges i face. I'll only focus on what i want to experience. I'll remain calm, centered, and at peace through everything. I will prevail. Don't think your life is a coincidence. You're here for a great reason. You're the light that will impact the world. See beyond the illusions and limitations. Let yourself feel empowered. Claim your divine state as your truth. Anything else is not worthy. Be great. Say "YES" If...

Those who come to the Lord shall ...

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Those who come to the Lord shall find rest to their troubled souls. Please pray for all my relatives and friends at work to be full of peace and joy. Sometimes the cause trouble to people but Jesus said. In Me ye shall find peace. Please pray for them. Thank you.
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