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My name is Nelly from South Africa. ...

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My name is Nelly from South Africa. Please pray for me I, feel like I'm being attached by the spirit of death.

Please pray for me tonight. I am ...

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Please pray for me tonight. I am a new member of a Christian improv company. Please pray that I do well and the Lord enables me to perform at my best. Please pray for favor on our improv group and that the people for whom we are performing tonight will be blessed by our efforts. Pray that all glory will go to the Lord!


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CONSTANT INTERCESSOR PRAYER PLEASE! I am asking for prayer to please renew Roberts heart and lead him back to the Lord, and then to me. If he doesn't wake up and realize what he has done then nothing will ever happen between us. He still hasn’t realized that he truly found his soulmate. Please stop him from hurting anymore people. He has hurt and lied to so many people and he doesn't have to keep doing this. He is a good man no matter what anyone says about him, but sin and temptation have...

Thank You Father God for letting me ...

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Thank You Father God for letting me accomplish a goal. I may not come out on top, but I was given the opportunity. Thank You. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

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Ente veedupani purthikarichu kittanum ente sister kalliyanam thinu mayi anu njan kuwait vannathu sallery okke kuravanu oru chitti

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Kyu njan chernnittindu aduthamasam narukku njangalkku kittanum, ente husband drinking smokking karanam shareeram okke poyi asukakarane pole ayi ellam mari nalavanakki tharane eshoye deyiva mathave ente apeksha upekshikyaruthe.... ente e postinu malayalam replay tharane... plz

Please agree to this my prayer to God!

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*Lord, I pray you to discover in me and in every realm and sphere of my life where there is an open door through which the devil attacks me and give me repentance to repent for the things to repent and to destroy the things I have to are demolished so that the devil is completely cut off from me and can no longer have access to me and my life. And the Lord's blessing and prosperity in all spheres and spheres of my life and You Lord to restore from you everything that the devil has stolen...

Eshoye adutha masthile chittiyil kuri najangalkku kittane

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Ente sister kalliyanam mudangi kidakkunna ente veedupani enikyu nattilekku veran leave ente husband madyapanam smoking ethellam matti thane

Thread regarding my payment at the Department of Public works and infrastructure here in south Africa

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Two weeks back I have received many private phone and today ,the issue is I was busy with the project at house of deputy president in RSA under government ,so they wanted to Rob me I end up taking the matter to national intelligent , SIU and my attorney , and on the 9th of December I have received a call from SIU to come and see them ,so they told me that my money is eaten/taken by the corrupt officials and the two consultant company us we speak they have reassigned , one director from the...

Pray for us, please.

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Thank you, God, for the things you are doing. Please, bring a job for my husband. Bring callbacks, interviews, and OFFER LETTERS. God please open the doors. Please, meet our needs and bring money for our bills. Lord, please bring a job and bill money for everyone else here too who needs it. Please, banish the occult, witchcraft, drugs, and mental illness from my daughter's life. Please, do the same for Powers loved ones and all who needs this prayer. Please, bring salvation for Cree, Carly...

Pray silent needs, please

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God, I trust You in these silent needs. Thank You, ijnip
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