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I want a prayer that god ouer ...

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  • 8
I want a prayer that god ouer fathet must showe m whether the mam in life is mine

Pray for my son who is 14 years old and too short tempered and shout me his mother. It is affecting his education and you ca.

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Please pray for my son urgently. My son is only 14 and he is too short tempered and shout me his mother. Too angry that he fighting with me always. His father take no pain to correct him His father says he is not able to correct him. His used to run away to his home and stay there instead of making situation calm and this situation destroyed my life and peace. My son is in 10th class and he never want to be corrected by me in anything. He shout and even push me sometimes. I feel very...

Limitations in my nuclear family. Nothing has ...

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Limitations in my nuclear family. Nothing has been moving. We pray but no result. Please, pray for our breakthrough

Please pray my marriage and me and ...

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Please pray my marriage and me and my husband to get along better and enjoy the time we have together. We used to laugh and be happy alot more it seems and lately it's just been different. So please pray for us. I pray that my husband just can't wait to come home to me and we become best friends like we used to be. I pray that we show each other love and make each other feel loved. I want him to be excited about our love again. Thank you and God Bless

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Fill Me with The Knowledge of Your Will with All Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding (Col 1:9-12)...

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  • 10
Heavenly Father, “I do not cease to pray and ask to be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that I may walk in a manner worthy of Your, Lord, pleasing You in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of You, strengthened with all power, according to the might of Your Glory, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience, joyously giving thanks to You for qualifying us to share in the inheritance of the...

I only believe in Jesus and only He is my hope

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*Let us pray, the Lord to organize situations, help me and give me wisdom in order to be able I to get financially rich, for God's glory! I only believe in Jesus and only He is my hope! Let us pray for the mercy of God, building, the way out and the blessing, of every area of my life! *Let us pray Heavenly Father build me, prepare me, and equip me for every call and ministry He has for me, and let us pray in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ! *Now I'm at my parents' home! Let us pray, the Lord...

Exam prayer for Cionna .Tomorrow grade 10 ...

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Exam prayer for Cionna .Tomorrow grade 10 board exams starts.Wishing to get 90 percentage marks for all the subjects

Please pray, one of my friends ...

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Please pray, one of my friends Ci in China has flu. Thanks
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