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Is Card Playing A Pastime Of The Devil?

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By Bibleman

Did you know that the modern deck of playing cards was designed and developed by occultists and Satan worshipers. The early Puritans denounced card playing as an immoral act that Christians should have no part in. Why are so many Christians, today, fascinated with gambling and playing card games? The reason is that there is a very sinister and evil force behind the history of card playing that most Christians are unaware of. “Most card addicts do not know that each of these fifty-two cards has a secret meaning. There is a reason why good people have always looked upon cards with suspicion and uneasiness. They are tainted with dishonesty and indecency. Nicknames for a deck of cards include: “The Devil’s Bible†and ‘The Devil’s Picture Book.’ There was a time when the church took a strong stand against the card game. In the fifteenth century European clergy attacked the games as being immoral and unclean. In 1423 a German preacher called them the invention of the devil and his hearers made a huge bonfire of cards in the town square. In another city cartloads were destroyed. Until relatively recent times, fundamental preachers and churches warned about the dangers of cards. Although the deck of cards have lost neither their meaning nor their evil influence, there is a strange silence about them in most churches today.†(Annihilating the Host of Hell, Book 2, 1981, Win Worley, pg. 59)


Few people realize that the modern deck of cards has many evil esoteric symbols and hidden meanings. The evil and satanic tarot card, according to the witch, Stewart Ferarr, is really the ancestor of our modern deck of playing cards. The tarot was believed to have its origin in ancient Egypt among people who were into astrology, mysticism, and occult magic. From ancient Egypt occultists brought the tarot cards to Rome where they were kept in the possession of the Popes and preserved by the Papacy. Later the cards were disseminated throughout Europe and were enhanced by such Satan worshippers as Aleister Crowley. Cards are a popular tool of the devil. Psychics, witches, occultists and Satanists all use playing cards to perform magic, to cast spells and curses, and in divination and fortune-telling.


“The first deck of cards was made in 1392 for the insane French King Charles. The inventor evidently hated God and the Bible and designed a message in the cards which was the direct opposite of the truth of the Scripture. This is why it is common to find decks of cards possessed by prostitutes, gamblers, thieves, murderers, in taverns, brothels, prisons, insane asylums, gambling dens, etc., but not at a prayer meeting. The King represents Satan, Prince of Darkness, usurper and foe of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ten card is for the spirit of lawlessness, in opposition to the moral law (the 10 Commandments) in the Word of God. Closely associated with the ten card is the club card. In 1300, clubs were the chief weapons used by murderers, therefore this suit represents the Spirit of murder and death by violence. The jack card represents the lustful libertine, from pimp to adulterer and whoremonger; a moral leper whose chief ambition is to gratify sensual fleshly lusts. The Queen represents Mary, Mother of Jesus, but in the card language she is called the Mother f Harlots. This is a vicious slander attacking the Lord and his Word. The joker represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Joker means fool and therefore Jesus is held up to ridicule. Not only this, but the joker is said to be the offspring of licentious jack and the queen, Mother of Harlots. All of the other cards also have hidden obscure and blasphemous meanings.†(ibid., Pg. 60) This has also been confirmed as the true meaning of a seemingly innocent deck of playing cards found in many homes, by the gambling fraternity of professional gamblers, as outlined in vol. 40, May 1991, No. 11, ps. 3-4 of the Gospel Standard.


Researcher, Charles G. Berger, in his book “The Phallic Heritage,†found out that the modern deck of playing cards has an occult phallic symbolism incorporated into each card. Berger says that the diamond and heart are the female symbols while the club and spade are the male symbols. The male is symbolized by the color red and the female by the color black. “Both sexes are symbolized on each card by having a symbol of one sex and a color of the opposite sex. The trinity or complete family is seen in the three highest cards, which are the king, queen, jack or knave. ‘Knave,’ like knabe in German, means ‘boy.’ Therefore, in cards we have the father, mother and child, the natural trinity or perfect family. There are four suits to symbolize the male triad and female unit, forming the Arba-el, or the four gods.†(ps. 178-180)


Playing cards have a powerful connection to Astrology, an ancient witchcraft science. The occultist or witch who designed the card deck patterned the numerical sequence of the cards to correspond with the occult science of astrology and the zodiac. The 52 card deck represents the 52 weeks of the year. The 12 face cards, in the four different suits, represent the 4 weeks of the month and the 4 different seasons of the year. The 13 cards in each suit represent the lunar months. By counting

the jack as 11, the queen as 12 and the king as 13, along with the joker, the number of all the spots or values in a card deck equals 365 to represent the total number of days in a year. The colors red and black are also supposed to represent day and night. It seems that the card designers certainly incorporated astrology into the deck of cards.


“For the Christian the facts connected with gambling make it so obviously inconsistent with the biblical lifestyle, the Christian ethic, and the principles of expediency, that it should be shunned like the plague.†(The World the Flesh and the Devil, Harold Lindsell, p. 121) At one time about nine-tenths of all gambling was done with cards and many Christians participated in gambling, some even learning to do so at home. Poker was the game of choice for gamblers and was a common past-time in dance halls, saloons, and whorehouses, where it was often accompanied by violence, drinking, cheating, stealing, prostitution, and murder. In the past, many Christian institutions and churches denounced gambling and expressly forbid their members to play cards. Puritans and other early-day Protestant preachers believed it was a sin to have such an abominable thing as a deck of cards in a Christian home. Don’t let gambling become an expensive habit or an addictive bondage that leads you to financial ruin and spiritual devastation.


A Christian is strictly forbidden to participate in any games or past-times that are of the world and of the devil (1 Jn. 2:14-17). Since the deck of playing cards is of the devil a Christian cannot glorify God by playing these cards or even having them in their home (1 Cor. 6:20, 10:31). Playing cards in ones home, for hours at a time, day after day, can become an idolatrous activity that wastes precious time and stagnates spiritual growth (1 Cor. 10:6; Eph. 5:11, 15-17). It is an abomination to have a detestable deck of cards in ones home. Remove all the decks of cards in your home and burn them like the early-day saints did. Curses could come upon you and your household if you allow such an evil thing to remain in your home (Deut. 7:26, 30:17-20; Josh. 7:13; Acts 19:19)


Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for having such an evil and abominable thing of the devil in my home and for all the valuable time and/or money I have wasted playing card games. I renounce all gambling and card playing and have removed all card decks from my home and have burned them. Please forgive me of this sin and cleanse me and my home of this defilement. I ask that you remove any curses that may be operating in my life or the lives of anyone in my home, as a result of having and using cards. Thank you! In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen!

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