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I pray for God to send me a good man who is ging to love both my

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Posted October 31, 2009 - 12:07 PM

I pray for God to send me a good man who is ging to love both my daughter and me. I pray he is a christian man who seeks God first in everything that he does. I pray he has a good heart. I pray for good health for myself and my family. I pray for God to heal both of my eyes so that I will not go blind. I pray that God removes the glaucoma from my right eye. I pray when I get my porcelain eye that everything goes well and it looks exactly like the right eye. I pray for patience as I wait for God to send me my future husband. I pray that God shows me how to love myself and I get confidence. I pray for my daughter that God will give her a Godly husband as well. I pray he will love her and provide for her. I pray for them to have a strong marriage. I pray for me and my future husband to have a long,strong lasting marriage and he truly loves me. I pray that my friend Jessie is able to pay off the car and trade it in for a bigger one. I pray for me to be able to afford the rent and electric in my new apartment. I pray that the neighborhood is safe and there is no killing nor other sexual abuse crimes.
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