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Loved Ones, Family And Prayer

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Please pray for me this week as I am traveling to visit my dying uncle. Please pray in agreement for total saftey of me and my family as we travel and salvation for my uncle, for total healing of JE's mono and illnesses, for his father to stop worrying that he will die of cancer and start letting his Son live today. Please pray in agreement my travels and my parents travels are kept safe this week as we visit my sick dying uncle. Please pray in agreement in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ my relationship with David is blessed by the Lord, he loves and misses me more than ever, he gets a new job ASAP in my state, please pray "K" in my state contacts David today & reschedules the interivew. Pray in agreement our visit happens as planned this week April 1, pray in agreement I finally meet his Mom, he misses me, loves me more than ever & only the truth is spoken from his lips to mine, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and engaged now
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