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Happy Father's Day - Sunday June 21, 2009

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Beloved of All
Lord, I Praise Your Name for Giving me my daddy, The Closest man on this earth I compare to you. Lord, That is How much he is Like You, Loving me unconditionally, being the Best Example of You. Living his Life with You Lord, First, Taking care of all of Us, Lord. Wearing holey shoes, so he could Provide for his Children and Grandchildren. He is Always there when I really need him or Austin really needs him. He is taking care of my ailing mother Lord, and still working. Lord, Lighten his Load. In my eyes "he walks on the water Lord". He is slow to anger, Always giving of himself to others. Lord, I Pray I can make You Lord and my daddy,Proud to call Daughter, as I Rely on You Lord, and I get stronger through You Lord, as I strive to be independent, being both mom and dad to Austin, Lord. Lord, Austin gets sad on Father's Day, with his Earthy Father not in his Life. But My dad is there. We don't get to see my dad much Lord, but he is there. I Have the Up Most Respect and Total Admiration for my dad, to which there is no limit. I wish I could take care of my daddy, as he has me, Lord. He is debt because of taking care of me and my family, Lord. Every single test Austin has had or will have my dad is there, as you are Lord. He is the Best Example of Living his Life for You Lord, I have ever imagined. Thank You Lord for my daddy, you got him through Prostate Cancer, and I know You are Right there with him, Provide for Him Lord, Reward Him Lord, Help me to be more like You Lord, and Him. In Jesus Name Amen

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Beloved of All
Lord, I lift up all single moms that are both Mother and Father to their children Lord. Lord, I lift up these children that do not have their earthy father in their life. May they know You are the Only Father they all Need, Lord. Feel that Sadness with Joy Today and every day, Make them Strong Lord, to know they are Loved so much by You, and their Moms. Lord, it is hard to be a parent these days, much less a single mom, with no father around. Give us the Strength, and Knowledge and Wisdom to instill in our children, Your Salvation, Your Love is greater than any Love in the world and when they Have You Lord, that is all they Need. Give us Patience and Your Direction and Guidance Lord.

For God has not given us a spirit of Fear, but of Power and Love and of a Sound Mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

This I pray Lord, Help me be the Best Mom and Dad I can be Lord, Through Your Intervention, Thank You Lord, In Jesus Name Amen


Beloved of All
Lord, I pray You would comfort Vida today and be with her. I pray You would bring relief to her pain. Thank You Lord for all what You are going to do. In Jesus Name. amen
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