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God is here

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Humble Servant of All
No matter what we face, God is here
No matter how long the race, God is here

If we get weak along the way, God is here
When we need strength from day to day, God is here

When our lives are in disaray, God is here
When we really just don't know what to say, God is here

When we feel like quitting and fall to our knees, God is here
When all we can say is "Father please!!!", God is here

My soul cries out holy and gives You praise
Because I know that not all but some of my days
Were filled with suffering, heartache and pain
And my sun was blinded by the storm and the rain

But yet peace and calmness suddenly settled over me
And as I raised my head and smiled and I could once again see


God is here!

May God continue to rain down on you and reign within your hearts and help us to always realize that He is there....

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Thank you Stephanie, this is really good, heartfelt and so true. Lord God I thank You for speaking through Stephanie to us this morning, we thank You for Stephanie, she is true to Your word in her ministry to others, in Jesus name I pray a mulititude of blessings in her life today, amen.


I LOVE this! Did you write that? I plan on copying this and sending it to my bible study. we just finished a study of the book of Esther. did you know that Esther is the only book in the entire Bible where God is NOT mentioned by name.....yet He is all over it. If you can, you ought to do this study (by Beth Moore). I didn't think about it earlier, but you, my dear, could totally relate. Talk about a woman asked...no, REQUIRED to take on a seemingly impossible task! If you are not familiar with Beth Moore studies, I highly recommend you start with this one. Her calling is reaching women, especially those of us (talking about me here...not you) who feel like we don't have much to offer. I know you are over seas, but I could probably get you a copy and have it sent to you.

I'm rambling....I do that when I get excited! Sorry.

God Bless you for this lovely and touching poem.


God Bless you Stephanie!!!! You are a wonderful woman of God!!


Account Closed
And I would add that God is here in the encouragement and nurturing of good Christian friends!

God, open our hearts, minds and souls to the realization of what Stephanie has so beautifully said...You are always here. Help us to quit resisting and submit to Your will and guidance in our lives. How much more we can accomplish with You! I praise You for the instruction and wisdom of Your holy scripture, for the gift and privilege of prayer, and for the unselfish and humble sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You for indwelling in Stephanie and creating such a tender, generous, trusting spirit. May we remember all of our days that indeed, God is here. With praise and thanksgiving, I offer this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen.


Beloved of All
Lord I lift up Stephanie to you Lord, she is your child and I really think a great deal of Stephanie Lord, as you know. I Pray she is encouraged today Lord, and I know you are with her just now Lord. Comfort her and Protect her Lord, from any negativity Lord. Lord, You only know what she is going through, Lord. Revive her Lord, as I Trust and Believe you are Lord, In Jesus Name I Pray Amen


Servant of All
Did you make that poem up? I love it! Thank you for sharing! The love of Jesus always shines through you!


Humble Servant of All
yuna17 said:
Did you make that poem up? I love it! Thank you for sharing! The love of Jesus always shines through you!
Yes maam. I did it here at work yesterday. Im glad that everyone enjoyed it. It was definitely God
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