Web Site Encryption Details

We use HTTPS/TLS/ (aka SSL) encryption for all web traffic (up to 256 bit encryption with a 2,048 bit - SHA256 key and Perfect Forward Secrecy - depending on your browser).

Compression is enabled with mitigation applied server side to enhance security. Inter-server connections are also encrypted during transmission. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible or very expensive, for anyone to eavesdrop on your communication session with this web site.

This web site supports the newer TLS 1.0 - TLS 1.2 encryption (aka SSL 3.1 - 3.3). SSL versions 3.0 and earlier have been retired due to security weaknesses. Our servers were patched on April 8, 2014 to protect against the Heartbleed vulnerability that was announced on April 7, 2014. Our SSL certificates were also replaced.

SSL Labs Server Test: 565247618dbd5_ScreenShot2015-11-22at4.51  Our SSL Seal: SSL Certificate


You can also check the fingerprint of our SSL certificate to detect a 'Man-In-The-Middle' type of interception of our communications. Click Here to Verify Our Certificate Fingerprint. Verify this against what your browser reports. It should also be the same as the following number (we monitor our fingerprint and pages that display it from remote locations):

SHA1 Method Fingerprint: AC:D6:21:C0:4C:2D:69:08:8C:E7:5A:9D:32:7B:24:FE:EF:6C:93:40
Or SHA256 Method Fingerprint: EC:EB:C5:15:20:AB:7C:63:D4:26:65:4D:62:E1:6F:95:0C:D7:1D:99:43:67:C2:66:C6:DB:B6:7D:B5:EB:A7:B9
Or MD5 Method Fingerprint: 9D:56:AE:4A:B2:F5:6E:3F:6F:ED:D8:64:8B:E0:73:2D

We also use the following domains for other content related to this site: prstatic.com, www.prstatic.com, and bible.prayerrequest.com.

Further notes: All of our sites use https connections. If you see a connection outside of https something is wrong. We also do not use the domain prayerrequest.com without the www in front, except to redirect to www.prayerrequest.com. If you can not access this page in the future, something is wrong.


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