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(Through The Bible) Genesis 27-28

It is tragic to be in the case of Isaac to be in the way of an invalid. When the body cannot really function or really cant work but the spirit that remains in the body is a hard thing for the person who is in the body and for the people that have to take care of him. God thinks with a for-knowledge. We cannot think in the same way as God. If we select someone we cannot ever see how the person is going to work out, but God knows the end of men. Therefore God can elect a person he has for-knowledge of so that he can fulfill his purposes. The way that Isaac asks Esau to get a savory meat was a cheap way to get a blessing, and his wife Rebecca knowing that Jacob would used of the Lord better then Esau. Isaac blessed Jacob instead of Esau, was it Gods will that Jacob should be blessed? Yes. Why is it that we think that God cannot do His work without us? Such is not the case; God can accomplish his purposes apart from us, and will if necessary. The work of God is never dependent on our deception i.e. Jacob . If it is a true work of God it will be done, God is able and is not dependent on us especially on money situations. It takes abit from the romance of this story that Jacob was 75 years old when he was about to run away from his home.
Chuck Smith

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