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    Healing     0 replies

    By Noahm ,
    Lord my our father I come humbley before your throne with prayers for my daughters immediate mental, spiritual and physical healing. If there is something or someone blinding her from seeing the light cast them out i pray this in your holy name. The word says in James 5:15 and prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed any sins,. They shall be forgiven him. So with great faith I thank you for your blessings  I pray  my daugther will have peace happiness love respect and trust and believe she is beautiful and not sit home depressed angry an ... (read more)

    Strength     0 replies

    By gratefully777 ,
    I have strength easily to fast for James. James has extreme strength to eat read his word come back to God and Joanna. James has extreme  strength to tell everyone the truth about his health so everyone will start praying for him. James has strength to tell everyone he loves Joanna and he knows in discernment God gave him a wife her name is Joanna. James keeps remembering over and over in his mind he asked God is there any hope and then he was given Joanna. James sees clearly in his mind spirit thoughts Joanna is his wife and he needs to be good to her and start treating her as such. James ... (read more)

    total healing in my stomach gums teeth body now in jesus namess     2 replies

    By Anonymous ,
    lord please please grant me total complete healing abundant divine healing in my stomach teeth gums hair scalp skin beauty health every part of me now lord fill me flood me overwhelm me with abundant healing now forgive me for all things remove every all pain all discomfort all inflammation all every stomach problem all every symptom all nausea all toothaque all gum diease all tooth decay anoint please George new dentist to fix all my teeth perfectly better than I can imagine restore 4 teeth I have lost by your power and I pray I don't lose any more teeth in jesus name I cover my teeth healt ... (read more)

    God I don't think you'd let someone like this into     1 reply

    By AFK3090 ,
    God I don't think you'd let someone like this into my life only to have me lose them. I don't know what to do. Please bless her, care for her, and help her find the most amazing and happy life possible. Please remind her what we had. It was scary to love someone.

    God I need a miracle ,mentally,physically and financially.     3 replies

    By Sandra ,
    God I need a miracle ,mentally,physically and financially. I am so sad and depressed,I see no hope.

    Need prayers for a good paying job offer and interviews.     5 replies

    By Needabreakthru ,
    Need prayers for a good paying job offer and interviews. Yesterday I was excited about a possible opportunity from a recruiter, but as usual they dont respond to emails or my detailed expressed interest in the job . I have no scheduled interviews, and my back is hurting SO BAD i want to cry. Prayer warriers please pray for GOD to intervene in my life. I rarely pray and feel GOD isnt hearing me.

    Sleep disturbance ill     3 replies

    By Anonymous ,
    Woke up ill and drenched in sweat and have appointments today,  Please pray I'm ok, amen. God bless all mightily 

    Dear Bro/SisterPlease pray for me i     3 replies

    mrs mary joyce
    By mrs mary joyce ,
    Dear Bro/Sister Please pray for me i am very much in need of a job i have total work experience of 8yrs; in bpo i have 6years but i am not getting a suitable job as per my experience if at all if i get some job the salary package is not good; during my work tenure i have never got any promotion or proper hike which i was suppose to be getting but since i was single that time i had less worries but it dint bother me much but i trusted God will lift me up someday so i tried being happy with what i had, all my juniors and people with less experience always have got promotion in my presence whic ... (read more)

    I'm Monday Chileobim Austine     3 replies

    Monday Chilobim Austine
    By Monday Chilobim Austine ,
    I'm Monday Chileobim Austine am from Imo State Nigeria, But am staying here in South African and I watched Emmanuel tv and I got your website on the screen so I want to send my prayer Request.please man of God, I have been in this Country for 4yrs with nothing to show forth I believe with all my heart that God change my life for a miracle and testimony I need a total transformation in life and I need God's fever in my life and I need financial Brakethrough in life and God to blessed so I can come back to Nigeria to share my testimony at synagogue Church of All Nations and also to my families ... (read more)

    My friend Kym needs a miracle in the nest 3 hours or     5 replies

    By caldoug ,
    My friend Kym needs a miracle in the nest 3 hours or she will become homeless. I'm worried about her and that I won't ever hear from her again or see her. Please pray for a miracle in Kym's situation and that she calls me tonight to tell me what happened today. I wish I knew her last name so I could visit her in the hospital. God bless you.

    Dear Lord, Thank you for Hannah, a Godly woman who     3 replies

    By thebigzakbowski ,
    Dear Lord, Thank you for Hannah, a Godly woman who makes the world a better place simply because she is in it. Thank you for having had her be a part of my life for so many years and for brightening my life. Lord I ask you to bless Hannah in all of her endevors, have her brighten other's lives as she brightened mine. Have her feel an outpouring of love in all that she does. Lord, I pray that you turn Hannah's heart and eyes back towards me now. Have Hannah think about me, fondly and often. Help us focus on the positive past, redeem and repair and move beyond the few bad times and build a new r ... (read more)

    prayer request     1 reply

    By Anonymous ,
    Please pray for energy and wisdom to do what I need to do today it is a busy day and not much sleep 

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