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    Pain in my feet     0 replies

    By natasha2,
    Please pray that my feet dont hurt, especially when i walk. Especially my left feet when i turn it around. My ankles and feet are bit swallen. Also i think that my diggestion is the reason i have tension in my muscles and bones. 

    Thanksgiving to the birthday of our helper. Give him     0 replies

    By mizzy,
    Thanksgiving to the birthday of our helper. Give him the desire of her heart. Praise for her service to us.Pray for new work for me that employer will hire me after holy week. Pray that my last pay from previous employer will release my pay immediately. Pray that Julius would give his share for the tuition fee of our daughter. Pray for financial needs of the family. Pray that my mother will be release from all her heartaches and forgiveness will for her. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Guys pray for me please. Please also pray that this     1 reply

    By JesusOnTheMainLine,
    Guys pray for me please. Please also pray that this job i have at home ends up going good. But I'm so nervous because honestly i didn't know that God was going to give me a job. I been praying and praying and asked God to give me a job that i would enjoy. I honestly didn't think it would be this. I'm just praying that this job isn't too good to be true. I had my hopes dashed before and by God's will i don't want to go through that again.

    My mom & dad need urgent prayer from     2 replies

    By Nad,
    My mom & dad need urgent prayer from all their afflictions. My youngest brother need deliverance from gambling,sex & porno addiction & healing in his body & his mind,also,he is unsaved.He had no job,pls pray that God will guide him to right path. My oldest brother & his wife need healings & financial blessings. My husband & my brother in law need healing & deliverance from alcholism & heavy smoking & other disease.They are unsaved & their family,pls pray for their salvation. My 3 children to be in good health & serve the Lord,to be God's minister ... (read more)

    Dear Lord, please look after and bless Rick. Stir in     1 reply

    By KIllinois,
    Dear Lord, please look after and bless Rick. Stir in his heart toward me and please reunite us in love, lead him to give us a second chance. we talked a little, Lord, please help us to reconnect and date again. I plan to contact him Sunday, please Lord, let his heart be soft and open towards me. He is such a kind man and I miss him. Help us to have clarity of what our relationship should be. In your name I pray, Amen

    thank you Lord. please help us.     2 replies

    By Anonymous,
    Dear Lord. Thank you for bring our boy home safely from his trip and keeping him safe everyday.    Please help our family situation and help j to get a new job asap.  Please help me to find a full time job too Lord.  Thank you for always being wih us. Please give us peace and help me to sleep. Thank you in your name. You have the power over all things. Amen

    I love Jesus and believe in Him!     2 replies

    By Vladi777,
    Please dear prayer warriors to pray for me - the Lord to guide me and I reached superior outcomes and blessings of the Lord for every area of my life. Let us pray: my relationship with Jesus - to be improved and strengthened; ministries that I have from God - prosper and I can be greatly productive there; my personal(intimate) life - to flourish, prosper, my dreams and wishes to come true and to be blessed abundantly forever; Work and Career - Lord according to His mercy to come true my dreams and my desires, prosperity and abundant blessing.Let us pray, I to prove myself as a very valuab ... (read more)

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