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Dear God, Forgive me for my sins for they are many. Please Lord

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Dear God,

Forgive me for my sins for they are many. Please Lord forgive me of my sins of my youth to the present day. Provide me with a new enlighten spirit when the Holy Spirit could live within me. Lord I need your help with obtaining employment. I have been applying for jobs. Please Lord select the right job you believe is right for me. Lord I am asking you to send me the right job for my life. You are my heavenly father, you created you me with plans for my life. I want to serve you Lord. I want your ways and your plans. Make my crooked places straight. I pray for wisdom, holiness, love, and humblity. I know I can not achieve anything without you. I want Dear God to be fed with your word - inplant your word within me. I want to grow and learn you. I need you. Lord, prepare me to be a wife and I pray for my husband. All I ask is for you to send me a God fearing man and let me know it is from you by sending me a confirmation. Dear God, I want to know if Kathryn and Anissa are my friends (open my eyes and ears)send me a confirmation. God surround me with your people so I can grow and learn your ways. Lord, open my eyes and ears so I know what is good and evil. Lord, I pray for your assistance. I need your help. I want to grow in wisdom. I pray for my brother that he will find strength in you and learn that you love him. I pray that you surround my brother with your angels to protect him. I love my brother. I know he has a good heart. Help my brother to grow to know and let him know you love him I pray for my father. Help me to grow to know you as well. Lord, I want to serve you. I love you Lord. I can not do anything without you. Thank you for listening, Thank you for your protection, love, guidance, understanding, direction, and support. I need you. You are my provider. Thank you GOD for your steadfast love and unconditional love. Thank you for my blessings. I will place you first in my life. I will not fail because I have you. Your daughter with love. In your name, I ask and I say Amen.

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