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Guest Elizabeth Baledrokadroka

Salvation For My Family

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Heavenly Father, you are Lord, God Almighty. My husband is not fully conversant of the negativity in the Fiji grog that he indulges in for hours at a time. Serevi Baledrokadroka and his elder brother, Joeli M Baledrokadroka and their two younger brothers Aminio and Filimoni Kama Baledrokadroka were created to worship and to bow before ONLY you, my Father. My eldest brother, the one who has the birthright in our family is also in this web of spiritual blindness. I ask and plead your deliverance mighty God on all the names mentioned, that the scales will fall from their eyes and that they will see what and how the Kundalini spirit is doing damage to their body and their soul. Adonai, I just seek your divine intervention on these men and that your WILL alone be done in them. I thank you for the Jerusalem Prayer Team and its HOST, bless them mightily Father in Yeshua's name I pray, Amen.

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Prayer is often a process during which not only do we wait on God, but also God waits on us to accomplish and learn certain things. This process of renewing our minds with the Word takes time and effort, but there is no other way to "prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God."

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