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Prayer for health, relationship, prosperity, wisdom & leadership

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Father God, in Jesus name I pray unto thee that you forever bless us with good health. I personally entrust to You Father the health and protection of my children, myself, my parents, my siblings, and my better half (Jun). Father, I pray that my parents will find in their hearts to understand me and my relationship with Jun, that they try to welcome Jun in our family, give him the opportunity to proof himself, his intention and his love for me and my children, that not only my parents will welcome Jun in our family but also my siblings. My family's acceptance and love will be our foremost strength and support. Father God, I pray that all our plans (myself and Jun) for our family, particularly our plans of business ventures will be blessed by Your grace and mercy for us to prosper and be able to extent that blessing not only to our family but including those that will come our way and may also need Your grace and mercy. Gracious and Loving Father God, bless me with Your wisdom that I may lead MEMPCO and Your people to prosperity and that from prosperity comes harmony, love, abundance and sharing. Heavenly Father, for me to be able to lead Your people according to Your will, please embrace me with Your love, vision, strong will, compassion, understanding, determination and perseverance. That with all this virtues I may envision and direct Your people according to Your plans. Father, I also pray that You help me develop inner talents to follow and continue whatever we have started for MEMPCO. Father, I pray that the prosperity of my personal business ventures will be a manifestation of Your approval that You already allow another child of Yours will carry the torch and continue Your will for MEMPCO, and that I, just like Ma'am Lenie will already devote my time for my family and myself and continue Your will in another way You may pleased. Finally Father I entrust and lift everything to You, may Your grace and mercy bless us all in Jesus name, our Lord and saviour. Amen.

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