• PrayerRequest.com Data Services and Donations


    Thank you for your interest in contributing to the operation of this site. Donations are appreciated. While generally the site is provided at no cost, there are also some required fees for certain services due to the manual intervention and processing needed. This interface is to pay for these labor intensive services for the site and process donations as well. These proceeds compensate for each request taking computer administration and review time as well as for the cost of operating the site. All sales and donations are final. There are no refunds. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and contribution.

  • Donations For Running the Site


    Thank you for your interest in donating financially toward the operation of the site. These donations are not tax deductible. 

  • Post Deletion ($25-125)

    Type of Deletion
    Enter URL To Delete

    This service will delete one topic, one post, one status update, or one comment on the site that is either written by the customer or the customer has an appropriate interest in it's deletion. The service includes deleting the respective facebook, twitter, and pinterest post as well. This does not include any services to delist the post from any search engines that may have indexed the post unless that option is chosen.

  • Assistance and Notices ($25-50 Per Hour/Event)

    Select Assistance Needed

    The assistance service options are used to help members with various issues in their account who are not able to use the built in site features to do them. For example, if the password is lost and email is not working the member may need the Active Account Recovery Option. The handling notices option provides up to one hour of responding to contact, legal, administrative, or other inquiries or processes. Please select more than one hour as needed. This notice handling fee does not include the cost to process the requests. It is only the price for responding to inquiries. Additional fees apply if services are required. If you know the service you need, please view the main store page and select the appropriate service(s) rather than using this option. In the notes, please indicate the nature of the request or notice that requires attention.

  • Account Deactivation ($25-200)

    Type of Deactivation
    Account UserName
    Account Email

    Deactivate Your Account at PrayerRequest.com. This will not delete any post content. It will only close the account but all information will remain. Optionally, you can chose to delete your account profile as well but all other posts will remain.

  • Change User Name ($25)


    You are allowed to change your username on the site 1 time every 365 days at no charge. This option allows you to change your user name on the site one extra time during a 365 day period if you do not want to wait. In the notes at checkout, please specify your current user name, and the new name that you want as well as two alternatives in case your first choice is not available. Please do a search on the member list first to make sure it is available first.

  • Restore Closed Account ($25-200)

    Select Why The Account Was Closed
    Username To Restore
    Email of User Account

    This service restores a previously closed or a temporarily restricted account. The fee depends on the reason for the account being closed. This fee does not guarantee continued access. If the account again violates any of the site terms after restoration, the account may be restricted again with no refund. Enter the account name and email to be restored in the notes section upon checkout as well as reason for the request.