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Family Love Prays

The Encourager


Child of God,

I understand all too well that neither I nor you can dream for anyone in our family, but we can pray for everyone in our family.    

Family Prayer: God I ask You in Jesus’ name bless each and every member of my family with the gift of salvation. Place labors in their pathway to minister salvation unto them.  Touch their hearts and minds. May all of us, (including myself) accept Your Son, Jesus Christ, as not only Savior, but “Lord of All” in each of our lives.  Bless each member of my family (including myself) to be delivered of what we stand in need of deliverance from.  God please save, heal, and deliver my family.

Bless each of us with the strength, love, desire (want to, longing, craving), knowledge, wisdom, and spirit of obedience to live our lives pleasing unto You.  May we all live a successful life in Christ Jesus.  Show us how to die to self daily (sometimes moment by moment) to every desire that we have that is not of You God.  Teach us how to crucify our flesh.  Let every desire we have line up to the purpose You created us for.


God bless each of us with the mind of Christ Jesus and a heart after Your own heart (a heart that beats to please You).  Bless each of us to dream the dreams of God and live our life according to Your will.  May we all live and walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.   Let none of us become conceited, provoking one another, being jealous of, or envying one another. Let this cease in our lives and in our family.  

God keep my family safe. Protect each us from all hurt, harm, danger, and the plans of the enemy of our soul.  May we each fulfill the purpose that You created us for. May we each prosper, be in excellent health, and cause our soul to prosper in the Word and Ways of God.  God please in Jesus’ name, honor this prayer over each member of my family and the life of the writer of this prayer.  Thank You Lord Jesus.

Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., B.S., BCPCLC
Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach 

Bless every Christian member of your family with this prayer link:



Family Prayer 4.jpg

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Thank you for sharing this prayer with us. God bless you and your family. Yours in Christ/Mandy

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