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The Little Things - Sermons



 My Favorite Sermon . . .


God never ceases to amaze me in His ability to take that which appears small on the surface, and exalt it beyond measure.


Three of my favorite statements in the Bible are comprised of some the smallest words in the English language, in terms of “character composition.”  Yet, because of the character of the composer, they are the most meaningful and the most powerful words in the Bible:  I, AM, BUT, GOD, YES, AMEN.  Hence, my favorite sermon is “But GOD,” because when you know who “I AM” is, “But God” is promised:  And, to all of the promises of God, is “Yes and Amen.”


Have a “But GOD” day!


"Because of Who You Are" - Vicki Yohe  Ain’t He good?!  I dare you to love Him, praise, give Him glory, just because of who He is.  Excuse me while me and Sis. Vicki get our praise on . . . Yaaaaaaassssssss!!!

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Amen! Great post

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