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Talking, Texing, And Driving

The Encourager


If you talk and drive, please pray about stopping. In less than 48 hours I have seen two young boys have car accidents because they were on their phones. The conversations can wait. Your life and wellbeing is more important than a conversation. Pray about it. You can set your phone not to ring when you are driving.  Remember “No” driving and texting, “No” driving and talking on the phone, and “No” driving and drinking.  


Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., B.S., BCPCLC 

Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach 



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Cheryl "The Earthly Angel"


Great Message!  Texting and Driving KILLS!   

We pray for our safety on all roads and highways.  Amen

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Appreciate connection to the here and now, Linda. The Bible is filled with messages to Israel, the church and the nations about about current events.

Father, grant us wisdom and discipline to wait to place or receive calls and texts. Where applicable, grant wisdom and skill to use hands free Bluetooth devices or cars that use them.

Give Your angels charge over believers, especially "They that dwell in the secret place of the Most High" (Ps 91), in Jesus' Name.

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