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Singing praises to Jesus.



The extolling and exaltation of God has been done through the ages.  The prophets of old did it.  The disciples of Christ did it.  All those who love God raised their voices in praise, honor and adoration to God almighty.   Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord.  Come and quench this thristing of my soul.   Bread of heaven, fill me till I want no more.  Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole.   Out of our emptiness, out of our sadness and pain we raise our voice to God.  Plead for mercy and compassion.  Along with that, the praises of a heart that is full of thanksgiving and greatfulness sings glorious songs to Jesus.  He is the One who heals, who blesses us, who comfort our hearts and love us with an everlasting love.   For the Lord our God is glorious and worthy of our praise.   And unto Him we lift our voices in praise.  Just as the angels in heaven do day and night.  For You O Lord are glorious and worthy of praise.  Join the choir of angels, of all the cherubims and seraphims.   Worthy is the Lord our God to receive all the glory, all the honor and all the praise now and forever more.   Amen

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God is love. His Name is to be praised. Thank you Lord for your everlasting love and patience.

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Martha Buthelezi


Enter His gates with thanksgiving!

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Angie Liriano


Lord, here I a'm Lord, praying for you to heal me from these betraying people. They are in your hands, dear Lord. Give me strengh, for my husband has abandoned me for another woman, that its trying to harm me, when, she is the one who has come between my husband and I.  The evil in her, all because anothet woman took her husband, a woman, that I don't even know.  So I am paying for someone elses mistake? I ask for justice. One thing I know. God is good, and I am his daughtet.  Amen

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tanya McTaggart cawley



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