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A Lighter Shade of Blue / What is on your "throne"?



I was playing a game with in a small Bible group that met at a friend's home. A question came to me (when it was my turn to answer), What is on your throne? This person posed this question to me. It threw me for a loop because the rules of this game were that I must share the first things that came into my mind in utter honesty. Wow! Think about that for a moment.


At that time I answered (with my face turning red): My new computer, the things I bought when I shopped, the companionship of my dogs (my cats don't necessarily need me or pay attention to me unless I forget to give them their dry food). And I added other strange things like: office supplies, printer ink, exercise outdoors, and a group of troll dolls I stumbled across in a store for very cheap. I collect troll dolls. To me, it was such a variety of earthly and/or simple things, I was embarrassed to share it, but I did. And I discovered something about myself.


I discovered that parts of me are very small and shallow and I have a lot of room yet to grow in my walk with the Lord. The other part of my share about the things that are "on my throne" were signs that I was growing, yet still reverting back to being self-centered at times.


My prayer time then changed after that little game. I began to pray that God would guide me to volunteer in a ministry. It didn't have to be an important position. I just wanted to be useful and helpful to whatever group of people that I was sent to. I prayed that God would help me reach out more in my community to help people in pain or those that have experienced loss rather than sit safely in my little "office" typing on a backlit screen about wanting to help people. Take my words off the screen Lord, let me find people who need my help so I can use what little talents I have to improve lives.


Yesterday I wrote about how life seemed to have passed me by because I could never make up my mind what I wanted to be or do. Not making a choice is a type of choice too. A rather sad choice, actually, to end up doing nothing much because I was afraid. I was afraid of failing, of being turned down (because I had been turned down so many times). Or sadly, I didn't know where to start. How does a person find their calling? But I'm veering away from my topic about "What's On Your Throne"?


Here is my throne wish list for what I wish could be on my throne some point in time as I continue to grow as a Christian: a) God: more time with Him, even if it is just more minutes throughout my day. b) More prayer for other people in my family, prayer for those who have hurt me, prayer for people who never seemed to like me, prayer for those in the world who are without things I take for granted: water, basic food, transportation, basic medical care, communication, education, and on and on I could go, but I won't. c) making an effort to make new friends who are like-minded


I'm sure my throne list will grow. How about you? What's on "your throne"?




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