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A Lighter Shade of Blue /Uncertainty In Making Decisions



I have never prayed God's will over my life decisions before. I thought He wasn't concerned about very simple human things, decisions I should be able to make myself. I am now asking Him to help me find some volunteer work, training, or direction He wants my life to go.


Some claim that a life not in use is a life wasted. Because I could never make up my mind, I did only what came my way. When I was younger, everything seemed so difficult or too confusing. I feel like life has passed me by and I have failed. But God took many men who were simple or failures in the eyes of society and used them to do good things. I only want to be useful or encouraging to other people.


I come here to pray for others, very seldom for myself, although I too need prayer.


To end on a higher note. I chose a verse from Touchpoints: God Answers Your Daily Needs.

1 Peter 3:8

Finally all of you should be of one mind, full of sympathy toward one another, loving one another

with tender hearts and humble minds.


When I come on here, I truly am able to live out this Bible verse. I pray for those in need. During

my busy day, the ups and downs of a worn out caregiver, this may be the only time out I take

to talk to God. It always makes me feel better and more grateful for what I have thinking of others.

I suppose I am able to love fellow believers on here though I don't know them. I felt some of the

pain that each and everyone of you is going through. My mind, set on others, almost instantly

goes into "humble mode." I am no better than anyone else even though the needs may be greater

or less than whomever I am praying for. In taking time to pray for others, I am reaching out for God

during that time. Now that is a Holy thing, in a way.




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That is a beautiful picture.  But the sweater is too tight.  Please lighten up the clothing.  His eyes are telling us ... Help.


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May our Lord lead you to exactly where He wants you to be, and may He give you His peace about it, so you will know it is His will for You.

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Lord I just pray that you comfort this person and help them with their life and decision making. IJN AMEN.

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