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A Lighter Shade of Blue /Uncertainty In Making Decisions



I have never prayed God's will over my life decisions before. I thought He wasn't concerned about very simple human things, decisions I should be able to make myself. I am now asking Him to help me find some volunteer work, training, or direction He wants my life to go.


Some claim that a life not in use is a life wasted. Because I could never make up my mind, I did only what came my way. When I was younger, everything seemed so difficult or too confusing. I feel like life has passed me by and I have failed. But God took many men who were simple or failures in the eyes of society and used them to do good things. I only want to be useful or encouraging to other people.


I come here to pray for others, very seldom for myself, although I too need prayer.


To end on a higher note. I chose a verse from Touchpoints: God Answers Your Daily Needs.

1 Peter 3:8

Finally all of you should be of one mind, full of sympathy toward one another, loving one another

with tender hearts and humble minds.


When I come on here, I truly am able to live out this Bible verse. I pray for those in need. During

my busy day, the ups and downs of a worn out caregiver, this may be the only time out I take

to talk to God. It always makes me feel better and more grateful for what I have thinking of others.

I suppose I am able to love fellow believers on here though I don't know them. I felt some of the

pain that each and everyone of you is going through. My mind, set on others, almost instantly

goes into "humble mode." I am no better than anyone else even though the needs may be greater

or less than whomever I am praying for. In taking time to pray for others, I am reaching out for God

during that time. Now that is a Holy thing, in a way.





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