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Halleluyah, bless the Lord all the time.



As we lift our hands toward heaven as a token of our love, blessed Jesus, receive our praise, receive our honor, receive the glory that Your deserve.   O blessed Lord, we bow down before You and adore Your holy name.  O I will bless the Lord all the days of my life...till He calls me home to glory.   What a wonderful thought to have is this.   Nothing we have brought to this earth and nothing we will be able to take to glory.   The only thing we shall take to heaven is this.   The eternal word of God written down in our hearts and the souls we have brought to the feet of Jesus.   O I will bless the the Lord all the time.  I will bless His name... and give Him all the glory, all the praise and all the honor all the days of my life till He calls me home to glory.    Amen and amen.   

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