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Worthy is the Lamb that was slain



For the Lord our God reigns high above the clouds.  His mighty arms of mercy wil  surround us when we love Him more than anything else in this world.  Some days we try to make it on our own, leaving God behind us.  That is a mistake.  We must put God first in our lives.  He is worthy of our praise and we must talk to Him first.    Sometimes our faith begins to doubt and waiver, but Jesus is at the door.  Seeing our deeds and hearing our words.  Thomas, He said.  Blessed are those who believed.  Yet, many times we feel guilty for the wrongs we have done to others. But Gods unfailing love remind us that all wrongs, all sins are forgiven and are under the Blood of Jesus.  O Lord, You are so beautiful to all of us who have believed.  You care so much for each one of us.  Who can grasp your infinite mercy.  Who can fathom the grace that comes from heaven?   Let us search and try our ways.  And turn again to the Lord.  Lamentations  3.40

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