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May God Bless Your Finances

The Encourager



God, You are my rock and my fortress. You are my ever present help in times of trouble. You know my every need and in You I find the answers to everything that I need. You are aware of every part of my financial situation. Nothing escapes Your eyes.  

God I ask in Jesus’ name that you will intervene in my financial situation. Bless my finances abundantly. Show me how and cause me to be a good steward over all that You have and will bless me with. Teach me how to honor You Lord in my tithing, giving, spending, and saving. Help me to pay my bills on time. Show me how and give me the strength to follow Your instructions to get out of every financial debt that I have.




Intervene in my life and finances and teach me how to bring my finances into a healthy place. Teach me how to pray over all my purchases and only spend when I get the green light from You. Do not let me buy or spend money on anything that I do not need. Do not let me spend money foolishly. Let me be able to do more with less money. Help me catch the best sales on everything that I need. Bless me with the best for less.




Bless me so that I may be a blessing to the Kingdom of God. Guide me in each financial decision that I make.  Give me a vision of debt-free living that will motivate me and propel me to that blessed place of financial peace. God bless me with emotional stability. God help me to gain more contentment in my daily life and more self-control in my spending and saving. God all that I have asked of You in this prayer please do the same for all those I love, care about, and the writer of this prayer. God Thank You. Amen!     




Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., CS
Christian Life Coach And Youth Minister







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I prayed for your request ,dear sister.God bless you!

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Brother James


Amen, Amen, Amen! Thank You, Praise You Lord Jesus! Glory to You Lord Jesus!!!

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Amen! Dear Father, please bless our finances that adequate to what we need. This situation seems to get harder but we thank You as through it we know Your closer time to the rapture and to Your return

In Yeshua Hamashiach's Name we pray. Amen!

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Amen :-) I stand in agreement with this prayer and also ask that in the name of Jesus, God will bless you to be a blessing to others. 

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Thank you sister I am agreeing with this prayer. God bless

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