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In majesty He will come for us.

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For in HIs presence there is healing divine.  He will cleanse your heart.  He will purify your soul.  He will make you a new person.  So, our house should be a place for Bible study and prayer.  Lost souls will come in and find Jesus.  A gate to enter heaven.    Dear Jesus, You are welcome in our home.  Omnipotent Father of mercy and grace Thou art welcome in this place.  No other power can heal us, restore us and send peace and joy down deep in our souls.   Welcome Jesus every single day of your life.  He will make your place a blessing to those who will come in.   Remember that life is a stopping place.  We are on our way to heaven.  A resting place on our way to glory.   Jesus awaits

for all of us glory.  To give each one a Crown of Life for the wonderful things we have done for HIm on earth.  Do not give up when troubles come.  Keep on going.  We are on the right road to meet Jesus. 


My everything is Jesus.

Jesus is the wind that fills our sail.  Roaming the world seeking for rest and peace.   No one can find it.  It is hard to get it.  But if you come bowing down before Him.  You will find true rest, true peace and joy that no one can give.  He is the hand that fills the void that we feel down deep in our soul.    The moon that moves the tides.  He is the sun that warms our heart.    Precious Lord, fill our hearts with joy and peace.   Come precious Lord and live in our hearts.  All that you have been dreaming of will come true.  He is the sustainer of our soul.   Hear His voice today.    Come unto Me and I will give you rest.


Shining Like The Sun He Will Appear.

And the stars will be falling from heaven, and the powers that are in heaven will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming from heaven in power and great glory. And then He will send forth His angels and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest parts of the earth to the farthest parts of heaven. Mark 13.25,27

Jesus, the Savior, the eternal King shall come.

Very very soon He will be here.

To take us all home to heaven.

Every knee in heaven and on earth shall bow down.

To this most Holy One.

In majesty He will come to redeem us.

Behold, He cometh with the clouds, and every eye shall see Him.

Revelation 1.7a

That is why we must draw near to the throne of grace.

Fixing our eyes on Christs glorious face.

In worship,

In adoration,

In praise.

All of my days I want to praise,

The wonders of Your mighty love.

Let everywhere,

All there I am,

Never cease to worship You.

Power and majesty to our Lord and God.

I will sing for joy.

Forever I love You.

Nothing compares the promises of You.

Let us all turn our eyes from worthless things.

We will not take anything to eternity,

Incline your hearts to Him.

Who was pierced for our iniquities.

Let us all shout to the Lord ,

Now and forever more.


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