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.Sharing our experiences...hopes, interests, happening in general. For we are here to learn, share, love, appreciate and to give of ourselves. Coming together in brotherly God guides and directs
our daily lives, in a oneness of purpose


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~Spiritual Fellowship~

("Sharing our experiences, hopes and faith...for we are here

to learn, share, love and give of ourselves, coming together

in Brotherly God's inspiration guides and directs

our daily a oneness of purpose.")

"Welcome...I Am, only One of those that carry 'messages'...

inspired by the Holy Spirit. Enter into the 'fold' ...and leave

behind that which is troubling, for here are revealed truths

of which many are being deceived of...I Am, instructed to give

truths of the 'Heart'...for of the Divine Spirit, not of 'worldly teachings.'

Bring into this 'Fellowship' HONESTY OF ONES OWN SELF...

I Am, to receive or rebuke comments of interest...integrity of

true 'Fellowship'...must stand by this...for only then shall be

found help and understanding. 'Spiritual Fellowship' shall be

forum of community name entered into...'Fellowship'...only."

'Praise God'



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~The Hand~

"God is calling...'Come, take my hand, I will give you rest.'

Spiritually, physically and mental rest, for of these one may

find unable to achieve alone. The principles of obtaining this

'rest' comes not easy. So often one needs overwhelming

difficulties as a wake-up, to fully realize...HELP IS NEEDED.

Being ever witnessed, the disturbing emotional anguish of

those wanting God to hurry up and simply give what is so

selfishly asked for......God is not a vending machine...believe it!

God's love is a tough love, with tough and hard work on our

part...believe it! All the 'readings' and pretentions to impress

shall be meaningless...for of social attention bears it's own rewards,

self recognition. Two decades past, my Spiritual journey began...

'Praise God'. Each day is a new learning and growing day being

in God's care. I am grateful for the 'lessons' that have been laid out,

and it is Myself that must strive to fulfill God's will, the best I can,

and it is not easy, but I am truly glad in working on my life, as those

around me, are also changed...'Amen'..........'Praise God'

God is available anytime........the question is....ARE YOU WILLING!

"Only You and God shall know of 'Tears of the Heart'........


THE HAND - Copy.jpg



"It must be fully understood, we are called on by

the inspiration of the 'Breath of God'...that of things

which are essential in our relationship with God, being

without exceptions whatsoever. Learn to know this well."

'Praise God'






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~Profound Proclamation~

"When you read 1Corinthians 2:6-16 you learn that, left to ourselves you cannot understand God’s truth, God’s ‘secret wisdom’. That is, you cannot understand God’s age-long mystery: the truth about Jesus Christ and the salvation God grants to us through Christ’s crucifixion. Left to ourselves, you would not even think of the truth of the Gospel, it is so grand and so glorious that it wouldn’t even enter our heads as a possibility. ‘But,’ says Paul, ‘God has revealed it to us by his Spirit’ [1Corinthians 2:10].

Paul teaches us,
•God has revealed this to us ‘by his Spirit’.
•We have ‘received … the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us’ [1Corinthians 2:12].
•We are ‘taught by the Spirit’ [verse 13].
•The truths we know ‘come from the Spirit of God’ [verse 14].
•Because of this action of the Spirit in revealing God’s truth to us, we have, Paul teaches, ‘the mind of Christ’ [verse 16].

"The fact that those of us that know Jesus Christ, the fact that you know and understand what Christ did for us on the cross, is clearly the result of the revelatory work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds."
This revelatory role of the Spirit is also taught by Jesus Christ:
('Praise God'...I'M Alive...I'M Alive...I'M Alive...)


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~A Message to Repeat~

"I came to learn a pivotal 'key',  that over the past two decades

has been indispensable in my personal understanding of my

relationship with God, through the Holy Spirit. I had to firmly

associate the 'unseen' with the 'unseen.  The Holy Spirit being 'unseen'...

my conscience being 'unseen'...I had to learn to communicate

with the two 'unseen' as one with God. Three things for the purpose

of one....the Holy conscience...leading my life to the

ultimate goal...God. This my friends, from my personal experience,

is how I know the 'presence' of God in my the grace of God,

I am truly grateful coming from a life undeserving by living on the

wild side for over four decades, been there done it, and causing pain,

suffering and grief for the ones closest to me...make no mistake, nothing

can be relived, some never let go of resentment or past mistakes...I cannot

make anyone change...but myself, only by the grace of God. ( thank God, my

wife of four decades, plus...has stuck by me, Praise God, and thank God for

my 'stubborn' wife.)....a fearful event occurred two decades ago...( fear of my

life about to end...a horrific experience!) extraordinary unexplainable

thing happened, that has forever changed my life. My tears poured out to

God for forgiveness of my wrong doings of all things...God's forgiveness has

to be lived...Praise God. Since that time, my life was renewed, and each day

since is a new learning day, as many things have been revealed for me to better

strive each day to grow stronger through the Holy Spirit, my conscience,

and my attitude and life. Three things...for the purpose of one

with God. The purpose of this testimony is the mission I promised God to

uphold to the best of my ability by His share my love of God's

grace and to Praise God's everlasting love to all that are 'close by'........

'Bingo'.....believe I need God, Ok...............



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~The Plan~

I can tell when I am in tune with it, for then my mind and heart are filled with a deep inner peace. This peace fills me with a sense of security, with joy and a desire to take the Steps that are part of the Plan.
God’s Plan for me is a perfect part of a larger Plan. It is designed for the good of all and not for me alone. It is a many-sided Plan and reaches out through all the people I meet. All the events and people who come into my life are instruments for the unfolding of this Plan.
God has chosen those people he wants me to know, to love and to serve. We are continually being drawn to one another in ways that are not coincidental. I pray that I may become more worthy to receive the love and service of others.
I ask the Father within me for only those things which He wants me to have. I know that these benefits will come to me at the right time and in the right way. This inner knowing frees my mind and heart from all fear, greed, jealousy, anger and resentment. It gives me courage and faith to do those things which I feel are mine to do. I no longer look with envy at what others are receiving, nor do I compare myself with them. Therefore, I do not cut myself off from God, the giver of all good things.
God’s gifts to me can be many times greater than I am now receiving. I pray that I may increase my capacity to give, for I can give only as I receive and receive only as I give.
I believe that when I cannot do those things I desire to do; it is because God has closed that one door, only to leave ajar a better and larger door.
If I do not see that door just ahead, it is because I have not seen, heard, or obeyed God’s guidance. It is then that God uses the trouble or seeming failure which may result to help me face myself and see the new opportunity before me.
 The real purpose of my life is to find God within my own mind and heart, and to help my fellowmen. I thank my Father for each new experience which helps me to surrender my will to do His Will. For only as I lose myself in the consciousness of His Great Presence can His Plan for my life be fulfilled.
(Thank God for a friend, that came to share)
'Praise God'    













"Disconnection from God is being witnessed far and wide.

The intellectual community has perpetrated the idea that all

one has to do is pray and ask God for anything. Make no mistake,

this has led to confusion and bewilderment of grave consequences.

After truly turning ones life over to God's only a beginning

that takes much time to prove one is worthy to receive guidance of

the Holy Spirit. It is not meant to be easy as so many perceive. A life

time of even reading the 'words' will not suffice so long as one holds

on to their old ideas and ways...believe it. Only after almost three years

of perseverance and faith before inner peace and guidance slowly began

to be revealed in my life...'Praise God'...once this becomes known, there

is such a joy...IT HAS TO BE LIVED...the more that is revealed, the harder

one works to improve our way of living, because God's love and wisdom

become an addiction of peace, joy and happiness that changes not only

our life, but those around us, seeing a change in us, they too become more

loving and understanding...this too HAS TO BE LIVED. My heart and prayers

go out to those that have been deceived by those that mean well...but they

know not of the Spirit of Truth to testify the truth...God's love is a tough love

that requires rigorous honesty, accepting pain, sorrow, lose of loved ones,

as well as lose of materialistic things and endless unknowns that may arise.

This my friends is the part of TRUTH that is not explained fully. All the 'words'

on all the 'pages' are just that...'IT HAS TO BE LIVED'...complicating the simple

things complicates all things. Until one learns all good things starts with fixing

the bad things of ones own life...there lies the dilemma...SELF CENTERED SELFISHNESS.

I too, have lived four plus decades with that mentality, it may work for some,

but it was cause of many of my problems. Thank God...I learned enough was enough.

I pray that others may come to know what is really needed in their life."

'Praise God'

'one day at a time'

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~Many are called...

"Many are called to 'talk' of  'words of scripture' ...with every conceivable

interpretation , leading to untold confusion and bewilderment, being witnessed

far and wide. The intellectual community puts forth a display to promote

a sense of great knowledge from the 'readings'...which has a materialistic

and physical value, but also leaves a soul vacant of the spiritual realm of

God. The very soul of mankind, being the purpose of the sacrifice of Christ.

Make no mistake, the heart (soul) shall be found  the 'Kingdom of God'.......

for no other place under the sun, shall this be found...there lies the great dilemma .

There are no exceptions, and this is not meant to be easy, this cannot be glamorized

or perceived any other way without grave consequences of bringing cause for

'lost souls'...this can be witnessed by the restless turmoil of lives praying for relief of

difficulties in many issues...I have been there, living life on my terms, but when my life

became overwhelmed with major the grace of God...I was found.

A miracle is an act of God...this I believe!...."

'Praise God'....I'm Alive...I'm Alive...I'm Alive...







~No more...No less~


"The world's philosophy says LIVE FOR SELF...but God's Word says...DIE TO SELF!

Many pray to Jesus, searching for answers and help, but to be in vain...

for of not willing to give themselves to Christ."

cross-1448946_960_720 - Copy.jpg



"For of all your materialistic knowledge...get spiritual understanding.

For the 'teachings' of it not of  the lesson of 'LIFE'...make no

mistake...a spiritual darkness is being witnessed far and wide.

Nothing under the sun shall be as important as first...getting right within

ones own self, and to strive for knowing the 'presence' within of the Holy Spirit.

Contempt of this is said to be disobedience unto God's will.

One must pass the test, to learn of the lesson. With the 'presence' of

God being absent...the tests of 'life' can be overwhelming."

'Praise God'


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'Ponder this'............

"The 'rules have been changed'...purpose of the Cross...Christ our Lord
In today's market-driven society, it is about us, the selfish we want, self-felt
needs and expecting it to suddenly happen with no thought of 'working for it'...
which requires sacrifices, perseverance, commitments and HONESTY. Let us
be clear...God's love is tough love and never instructed to be easy! But in
today's world it is about entertainment, fun, movies and illusions of HD imagery,
self-acclaim and all for a 'profit' in some form. The most disturbing of all,
churches have entered into market-driven strategies to fill the pews, at
whatever means they feel necessary...the shameful behavior is kept closed
by clannishness...'what goes on here stays here'...with the impression, there way
is the way to heaven. Being submissive to the will of others is said to be
disobedience to God's will. Make no mistake, there is much value in a church
with the right perspective of 'life'...from this side of the 'glass' it is not to
judge or offend, but to share my personal experiences of the past two decades,
since turning my 'life' over to the care of my 'Higher Power' many things
have been revealed and I am glad, by the grace of God. In this journey, I have
encountered those of the 'religious' ways, but oh why, do they claim not knowing
of an inner peace of really knowing of God's presence within...but what they are told
to think and believe...for many are 'away' from the reality of God's plan...
'to be' Christ like with ones own 'life'....there is to be many challenges, struggles,
heartaches, tears, difficulties, burdens, death and sorrows...but who knows
of ALL things...Jesus Lord God."
'Praise God'...I'M Alive...I'M Alive...I'M Alive...
('Bingo'..."believe I need God, Ok")  

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'In Prayer'..........

"To pray is to descend with the mind into the heart,

and there to stand before the face of the Lord,

ever-present, all-seeing within ones own self."....

'Prayer is standing in the presence of God with the

mind in the heart...that is, at that point of our being

where there are no divisions or distractions, and

where we are totally one. There God's Spirit dwells

and there the great encounter takes place. There

heart speaks to heart, because we stand before the

face of the Lord, all-seeing within us.'

'Praise God'








Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask Your forgiveness and to seek Your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, "Woe on those who call evil good," but that's exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We confess that:

We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it pluralism.

We have worshiped other gods and called it multi-culturalism.

We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have neglected the needy and called it self-preservation.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn children and called it a choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem.

We have abused power and called it political savvy.

We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, O God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.

Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent to direct us to the Center of Your Will.

I ask it in the name of Your Son, the living Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

What awesome insight, humility and honesty!!! Attributes sadly lacking in the halls of government and in our society.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep our Nation and wholeheartedly become our desire, so that we again can be called a Nation of People Who Love God!

Please send this prayer to as many of your friends as you can. Let us all help to get God back into our lives and most importantly into the lives of our children & grandchildren.




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'Each shall have their own understanding, so long as one does

not become submissive to the will of  those that perpetrate false

deceptions, as there are many seeking self acclaim. Christ our

Lord is in our hearts, mind and soul...the Holy Spirit freely dwells

within our own selves, each has their own choice to accept this,

or forever be lost in the world of deception. Make no mistake, God's

work has been done...but many cannot comprehend this, and until one

gets right with self...there shall be confusion and bewilderment in any

attempt to acquire a peace within ones self. When one shall come to find

and learn of a 'Spiritual ' awareness within, many things are revealed that

will forever change ones life. The materialistic world has brought cause

for a foolish world of a great 'falling away' of God. Has this too, not been told

of 'to be'....



~Renewing of the mind~

'Disturbing are those caught up in their materialistic selfishness.

For selfishness of self shall forever hinder one from knowing of

a peace and well being within ones own is not meant to be

any other way, for has not the 'breathe of God'...told of these things.

Renewing of the mind is essential in coming to know of a better quality

of all things...BELIEVE IT!"

56bc6e0ba935a_Serenity-Copy(8)-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy_jpg_165a90f32517b236d4f4cbb20344c5b7 - Copy.jpg


~Life Changing~

"From this side of the 'glass'...It is with hope that those experiencing

difficulties, come to realize and learn to accept truth, as too often the

truth is often painful, but it must be confronted and dealt with. The problem

appears to be just this...unwilling to change and apply spiritual principles.

Many beg for a change in many things, but yet unwilling to change....

this simply does not work...believe it....experience is a great teacher...

only by the 'grace' of is from this side of the 'glass' to share this

life's personal spiritual journey, now of two decades...Praise God!

Testimony of the heart is indispensable."




~Spiritually Discerned...

'Spiritually discerned, a grave consequence being displayed by those

forever in contempt, forever blind and deaf to the 'teachings' of Christ.

Lost in self-centered selfishness shall forever hinder any chance of  coming

to know precisely the gift of the Holy Spirit which has been fully allowed unto

all of a sound mind...for to be bold in this truth...the masses have gone away

from this the 'breathe of God'...has been told of 'to be'...very concerned

for the lost souls crying out for a reprieve of much suffering and disturbing thoughts

being displayed in our communities. For to be bold in the warnings that so many

are in contempt of...for they listen to all things not of the 'teachings' of Christ our Lord God.

Their heartaches, their pain and untold restlessness shall be , in the continuous of their

unwillingness to change with a renewing of attitude and actions in the spiritual realm of God.

It is said to be unstable person shall be found...'to be'......

'mirror mirror on the wall, what is it that YOU see.'


Mystery-face - Copy (2).jpg


~Getting right with self~

Make no mistake...getting right with ones own self has to be

the first order of things...for it works no other way. Does not

the 'breathe of God'...tell of this very thing. But the communities

are in contempt of this truth...for so long as one is not willing to change,

one can expect to be ever 'away' from knowing of god's 'presence'...

one cannot hide in self knowledge of 'readings' of the 'words'...

for testimony of the heart and soul are a display of ones love of God.

One must know this and know it well...God's work has been done.

Each shall be held accountable and responsible for attitude and actions

of all our affairs and in our testimony of ones true self...for within ones

own self...shall be found answers so many are in search of....then again,

there are those that choose their own selfish, self centered materialistic

ways, forever 'away' from knowing of God's way...'to be'.

Praise God...I Am You...You Are I....

(let the reader understand)













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~Into the New Year~

'Into the coming New Year...ponder the truth of things...

self-centered selfishness shall always be a hindrance

of knowing of God's peace and well being within ones self.

Self knowledge of God's words has to be lived, not just recited

for self acclaim. Has it not been told of, that anything under the

sun that which brings cause for division and separation...shall

be abomination....mirror mirror on the wall...what is it that YOU SEE.

God's work has been done...EACH shall be held accountable and

responsible for our own attitude and actions, in all things. The world

has become foolish with it's wisdom...for man's way is not God's way...

there lies the dilemma of untold lives living their way and not striving

to change for a better spiritual obedience...for there one shall come to know

of a personal relationship of God's 'presence'...or one shall be ever

in contempt and live on ones own selfish agenda...the Dividing Line

is real...spiritual harmony shall bring a gladness of great value in all

of life happening events, great and small...believe it.

Praise God...I Am You...You Are I....




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