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    Proverbs 22:4: True humility and respect for the Lord lead a man to riches, honor, and long life (Living Bible).

    The Bible’s meaning of humility:  Biblical humility is grounded in the character of God.  You are free from pride and arrogance.  You know that you are no better than anyone or inferior to anyone because of who you are in Christ Jesus, and whom you belong to, Jehovah God (the only true and living God).  You know that your gifts, talents, calling, and blessings are from God.  You don’t deny the power you have, but admit that the power comes through you from God, and not from you.  You always give the glory to God, because you know without God you can do nothing, not- one- thing.
    You proclaim, "To God be the glory for the great things He is doing in your life." 

    Let’s Pray: God I ask You in Jesus’ name that You will teach me how and help me to always walk in true biblical humility.  Teach me how to respect You and walk in the respect of the Lord at all times.  God all that I have asked of You in this prayer, please do the same for the writer of this prayer and all those who pray this prayer over their lives.  Bless each of us with the strength and wisdom to always walk in true biblical humility, and respect and honor the Lord at all times.  Amen, So Be It, and It Is So!

    When You Think of Me, Please Pray For Me,
    Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., B.S., CPCLC
    Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

    Isaiah 12:5: Sing to the Lord, for he has done wonderful things. Make known his praise around the world.






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  2. WingsofaDove

    If a person comes to you and wants deliverance from demonic oppression, demonic strongholds, or demonic anything, please know what I am saying is true. Demons have legal strongholds and they know it. A person who is demonically attacked does not necessarily have a wicked idol in their home. They may not be a bad person, and they may not be cursed. I have researched this quite a bit for many reasons. Why does a loving God allow people to be demonically tortured? There are many reasons. He protects people who are 'his own.' If a person is unsaved he falls under 1John5 v 19  We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. An unsaved person does not knowingly follow the wicked one. But we are either of God or the wicked one. They unknowingly follow their dark and merciless ruler, the authority of the air. If we come to God only when we need something, we do not necessarily belong to God as his children. He may, according to what is in our heart answer our prayers. He does this to show us that he is real, and to show us that He is a Loving Father. We will know that if we do decide to make a dedication of our life to him, that he will care for us and be a provider, protector, and have our best interests at heart. Many times, God helps people who are in the world. He provides for them their physical needs. If he sees them under intense demonic oppression, he intervenes. If a person wants to accept Jesus Christ as a provision for sin and accept his Father as their father, they are given many benefits that Jesus himself had on earth as well as the same persecution. That person is a footstep follower of the Lord. If a person does this and harbors continual and deepseated unforgiveness, they are in trouble. God forgives us the same way that we forgive others. He shows mercy to the merciful. If we hold a grudge against someone who hurt us fifteen years ago, our father will continually bring up our sins from twenty years ago. The following passage applies:

    Matthew 25:22 "The man with two bags of gold also came. 'Master ...

    ... "The servant who had ... And he also who had the two talents came forward, saying, ‘Master,
    you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more ...
    // - 17k

    We have to mercifully forgive others if we want to be forgiven. We must not practice willfull , stubborn, unrepentant sin with a hard heart after forgiveness.

    Berean Study Bible
    If we deliberately go on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no further sacrifice for sins remains,                                                                    We of course are sinful, and will make mistakes. We must not have the attitude "I can do whatever I want. I am my own person." If God bought your life with the sacrifice of his son, you belong to God. He has the right to tell you what is right, as any parent does.                                         There is one major issue that also is at stake. God has given you everything you have. You yourself did not. You cannot toot your own horn in a prideful way and act like you did these things for yourself. New Christians are not used to making a testimony. 

    2 Timothy 1:8 So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord ...

    ... And don't be ashamed of me, either, even though I'm in prison for him. ... So never be
    ashamed to tell others about our Lord or be ashamed of me, his prisoner. ...
    // - 17k

    They must if they are of God. It is a commandment to preach. By opening your mouth about our Lord and proudly glorifying him, you are doing what you must.  To

    Image result for visual full armor of god

    protect yourself you need the full armor of God. It is the only possible way you can Fight the Good Fight. If a person is not saved he cannot be fully delivered from demonic oppression. The devil and his demons have heirarchies, and , like an army , they have ranks. God has Jesus and many angels who will fight if you side with God. In order to be a Child of God, rather than a Child of the Devil, you must obey the Lord and submit to him. The three main areas of weakness I mentioned are unforgiveness, willful sin, and not preaching. I am sure I did not touch on every possibility. However, I touched on the main ones. I hope this blog can help someone as they search and seek the Lord and/or deliverance.

  3. Greeterdan's Blog

    Lots of moving.  Clothing, books, notebooks and more shoes to carry.  Moving far away from home.  Feeling like a gypsy who moves around a lot.  Moving a tow car and all the material possesions we have.   There will come a day when we shall move no more.  As strangers and pilgrims on this earth we shall continue to move around.  Leaving wonderful neighbors, fellow church members and those who care a lot.  Till death do us part.  Jesus is preparing for all of us a place where we shall move no more.  And if I go and prepare a place of you   I will come again and receive you unto Myself.  That where I am there you may be also.  John 14.3     May our eyes be wide open to see Jesus coming for us.  A new school year will come back again and again.  Moving no more.  We shall rejoice with Him in heaven forever and ever.   Amen

  4. Visionary1
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    This is long but please bare with me.


    I recently met 2 1/2 yr. old Serenity while waiting in a food line at one of Houston’s outreach centers.  While Serenity was a bit preoccupied with a PB&J sandwich, which she was thoroughly enjoying; and a little too shy to talk to me, her grandmother shared with me her plight of having been met with various trials in trying to care for her.  I have no intention of sharing Serenity’s story, that’s for her to do, when she’s ready.  I pray that when that time comes, she won’t face such opposition as I have.  Some feel that I should just shut up; while still others are of the opinion that people don’t need to know my whole story.  I’m so glad we know Jesus’ whole story, otherwise we could be worshiping a thief.  My story is for people like Serenity and countless others who either cannot yet share their story or have had their story crushed by the callus attitudes of those in whom they’ve trusted.  Feel free to shut up your testimony; that’s not what God called me to do (Is. 58:1).  I refuse to rob God of his glory by withholding my testimony.  So, if it’s all the same, I believe I’ll testify and pattern my story after the bible’s format:  The whole story, starting with lineage.  God says “I will direct their work in TRUTH,” not in part.


    So much has happened in my life since my last entry.  It hasn’t always seemed positive on the surface.  But I know, because I love Him, God’s is working all things together for my good.  I used to think this journey was my own personal and private issue.  But since I answered God’s call, I understand that it truly is all about Him.  Some people think that I’m seeking attention or some sick sort of fame.  But, I know different.  God had to literally drag me out into the open kicking and screaming.  Even though I had said yes to the call, my inherent private and somewhat shy nature threatened to hinder my testimony.  But GOD” has a way of turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  Since He’s omniscient, He foreknew my fear of public speaking and endowed me, even as a child, with the gift of writing.  I can’t help the assumptions people make regarding my motive.  The fact is, this is my journey and the only person who can testify to it, is me.  This is not an exposé, nor is it to accuse or seek vengeance.  I didn’t even want to speak about it for the very reason that I did not want to be perceived as negative or ungrateful.  But, because it’s so scripturally accurate, I must testify.


    About two months ago, I was kicked out of the homeless shelter where I had been living.  In my last entry I wrote that I had been voluntarily working within the organization.  Well, that wasn’t altogether true.  The work part was exhaustingly true.  But it wasn’t altogether voluntary.  Which, in and of itself, would not have troubled me, but for the retaliatory intent and subsequent attempted cover-up behind it.  The initial agreement was that, like everyone else, I was to receive a stipend for my job assignment.  However, my wages were denied after I rejected the advances of one of the supervising Directors.  He then accused and maliciously spread word that I had a bad attitude, and then set out to ensure that I would never receive wages.  I remained in the situation, frankly, because I did not want to be thrown back onto the streets; as was sometimes threatened.  I had also become quite fond of caring for the older ladies as well as serving other homeless people in the soup kitchen.  In order to maintain some stability, so that I could get back on track, I simply accepted the situation as part of my calling and took on an attitude of servitude.


    Other residents were set against me:  I was suddenly being accused and written up for everything from being too quiet when I was sick; to praying too openly during Lenten season.   My work was often sabotaged; I was lied on; talked about; my hair was cut off while I was sleeping.  For all these things the perpetrators were rewarded with increased stipends, better positions, clothing and better living quarters.  Yet, in each situation, I clung to (Is. 54:17) and watched as God blocked their attempts to harm me by allowing them to fall into their own traps.  In a couple instances He even placed a couple ladies’ illegal drugs right in my hands, causing leadership to enforce their own rule of automatic eviction:


    Scripture Fulfilled

    Denied wages (Is. 52:3)
    Plotted against, ganged up on (Is. 54:15)
    Adversaries fell (Is. 54:17)
    Basically enslaved (Is. 49.25)
    Put out of the house (Is. 66:5)


    I could be bitter about being back on the streets but I know God is using this situation to advance me to the next level of my journey.  Is homelessness embarrassing?  Yes.  But not for the reason you may think.  It’s embarrassing to watch as multitudes, many who self-identify as Christian and all who are “human”, walk past those in need.  Homelessness is not contagious; but love transcends.  Even during our recreational time we can find ways to help the less fortunate:  As exemplified by a little boy in San Diego who decided to use Pokémon Go to seek out homeless people; not to mock them or drive them out, as I have, unfortunately, witnessed here.  But rather to get food and other resources to them (and a little child shall lead them).


    As Americans we sometimes feel justified in looking down our noses at those of lower economic status.  After all, we’ve all had the same opportunities, right???  That is until we experience loss or misfortune in our own lives, then we expect the world to stop and tend to our suffering.  It’s OK as long as the homeless stay over there, hidden, under a bridge, out of view.  We place far too much emphasis on outward appearance rather than lend consideration to what’s beneath the surface.  A practice that makes us easily deceived (Is. 50:20).  Anybody can look the part; it’s the position one’s heart that matters (James 2:3-4).  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “you don’t look homeless.”  What does that even mean?!  Maybe the reason I get so many judgmental and disdainful looks, usually from my own people (also scriptural) once they learn that I am, in fact homeless, is because the very sight of me brings it too close to home:   illness, natural disaster or perhaps a paycheck or two and “there but for the grace of God.”  ”Get a job already!” Like you, I’ve been guilty of saying that, even to myself.  But, to know anything about God is to understand that He will sometimes allow your brook to dry up to “INSPIRE” you to move into the promise for which you were created.  That’s just how he does it.  Why? Because He’s GOD!


    I’m not naive; I know that not all homeless people are doing the right thing.  But, that’s true of all walks of life.  Not all co-workers or employers are above reproach.  As a former Enron employee, I experienced that firsthand.  Neither are all friends, family members, church folk or clergy alike, for that matter (Is. 3:14, Matt. 23:3, Is. 56:11).  God does not command us to wait until the needy get it together before we help them.  Yet, we require a perfection of them that God never required of us (While we were yet sinners Jesus died for us).  God says those who hold the world’s goods should not send the needy away saying come back tomorrow, but feed His people, shelter and clothe them.  Maybe homelessness is not so much a punishment for some as it is a test for others, to make record of our response  . . .


     “For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home”.


    I’m simply saying, “We can do better”.  While we’re filling military planes, to the brim, to feed foreign nations; children and elderly in this country go hungry.  We rebuilt Iraq but we can’t house homeless Americans, many of whom are Veterans? This country is far too wealthy for any American to ever go hungry or homeless.  We have more abandoned buildings and discard more food than most other nations could ever dream of having.  Charity begins at home.  On an individual level, your generosity could make all the difference in the world to someone who may be struggling to pull himself up by his bootstraps.  Perhaps his laces are frayed or maybe he’s in a place where he doesn’t have boots, let alone straps.


    “Jesus wept” I can’t even imagine how sad it must make Jesus to see how the homeless are treated with such disregard and disrespect.  Yet, we profess to love Jesus, whom himself was homeless, “The Son of man hath no place to lay his head.”  I understand that you are busy with your careers.  I’ve been there, so has Jesus, he had a career; he was a carpenter (think about that the next time you enter into your home - that’s held together by carpenter’s NAILS).  Yet, Jesus somehow found the time to look past our faults and see our need as He was NAILED to the cross in our place.


    Please, let not your hearts be hardened, rather submit yourselves to God’s WILL, that He may soften your hearts. The next time you find yourself judging the face of homelessness, consider Serenity.  You never know whether there’s a Serenity depending on that homeless face.  When I told my daughter about Serenity, I asked her to buy a doll, because every little girl should have a doll of her own.  No child should ever have to live on the streets.  In fact every child should have the benefit of a beautiful beginning; life generally works out better as a result.  I still have the doll because I haven’t seen Serenity and her grandmother in a few weeks.  I prayed that God would bless them with a stable home, befitting a little princess.  I maintain faith that He has done just that.  Like Paul, “I write these things not to shame you; but rather to warn you” (1 Corinthians 4:7-21)

    I challenge Mayor Turner.  I believe that God reserved yet delayed the Mayor’s office for him, for such a time as this.  What an awesome platform upon which to build a worthy legacy.

    Who am I to speak this way?  I’m the least esteemed among you. (Right Now)


    I am eternally grateful for the services provided by the following organizations:  St. Paul Episcopal Church (EAC); South Main Baptist Church; Search; The Beacon; Magnificat House; Lord of the Streets.   God bless you all.  On a more personal level, though at times, I get weak (“They that wait upon the LORD shall RENEW their strength . . .”) God has placed some amazing people along my path to help sustain me by allowing me to use their resources.   I can’t list them, for obvious reasons.  But, I see you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Moreover, God sees you and He promises to reward you “. . .  in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.”  God’s promises are bankable!


    There's always a song in my heart, for the last few days that song has been one by my all-time favorite Artist, Donny Hathaway:  "Lord We Need You Right Now"

  5. As faithful followers of Jesus we should pray and fast for those in leadership and those who will be on the next Election.  Our duty is to do what Gods word tell us to do.  I exhort first of all, that supplications, prayers and intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men.  For kings, and all who are in authority.  That we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and reverence.   I Tim. 2.1,2  Our life is a piece of art and we need to pain with the colors of heaven.  Pray and fast for everyone who need God in their heart. 

  6. As we lift our hands toward heaven as a token of our love, blessed Jesus, receive our praise, receive our honor, receive the glory that Your deserve.   O blessed Lord, we bow down before You and adore Your holy name.  O I will bless the Lord all the days of my life...till He calls me home to glory.   What a wonderful thought to have is this.   Nothing we have brought to this earth and nothing we will be able to take to glory.   The only thing we shall take to heaven is this.   The eternal word of God written down in our hearts and the souls we have brought to the feet of Jesus.   O I will bless the the Lord all the time.  I will bless His name... and give Him all the glory, all the praise and all the honor all the days of my life till He calls me home to glory.    Amen and amen.   

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    Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  He will protect and keep you in the right road to heaven.   Jesus is the door to enter in.   Let Him have His way in our heart.   Amen

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    Trust God with all your heart, mind and soul.  He loves you so much.   Amen

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    Jesus always thought obout our own future.  He did not want none of us to end up in hell or anywhere else but heaven.   His wonderful promise for all of us is... I am going to prepare a place for you.  That where I am there you may be also.  His words was sincere and in kindness He showed us the way to reach heaven.  He said.  I am the door.  He really want us to guide and protect us from all harm.  He was thinking about our future all the time.  Working tirelessly to see the wonderful things He has prepared for us.  A place of eternal joy and blessedness.  Holy companionship and seeing our loved ones rejoicing with Him forever.

  8. Jesus is coming soon

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    I love Jesus with my whole heart.  I am waiting for Him to come and take us all home to glory.

    Precious Lord.  Come and fill us with love. 

  9. Sowing Seeds Of Kindness

    In this world we live in, there is such a hustle and bustle of life that we seem to miss out on the most important things.

    We end up so self absorbed and in the end absolutely miserable, not knowing why or how this could have happened. Today I would like to suggest something that could absolutely turn life around for you. Begin by sowing seeds of kindness into the lives of those you meet, to your family, to those you work with, to those who need lifting up. If you do there will be a harvest that will flow back into your life, which will ultimately change the world in which you live.


    I had a Aunt whose goal everyday was to make a difference in some ones life. She was a very kind person

    and went out of her way to show that kindness. She was the most selfless person that I have ever known, but she was absolutely the happiest person I had ever known as well.  My Aunt had found the purpose of life and it sure made a difference to everyone she ever met. In the town that she lived in and the surrounding towns, you could ask anyone if they knew my Aunt B.B. and they would say yes and what a dear precious person she was. Then they would begin to talk about her love and kindness.


    A few years back my Aunt B.B. went home to be with the Lord. At her funeral there were people that came from three different counties around her. There were so many folks there, they could not use a church to hold the service. They held service in the cemetery. I remember one of the preachers standing and speaking, he said my Aunt had preached her own funeral because of her love and kindness for people. He said she was wealthy with friends because of her selflessness and looking around at her funeral it was sure evident. She literally lived out this scripture, Philippians 2:3-4  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty pride, but in humility consider others more important than yourselves. 4 Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.…She did that very thing.  My Aunts favorite phrase in life was always, GOOD LAND OF LOVE, I believe she truly found it.


    Want a different life than you have now? Start sowing seeds of kindness into others lives and watch the ripple effect that it will have on them and the reciprocating effect it will have on you.

    Luke 6:31

    And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.