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    I hear this quite frequently, but this really isn't true.

    The main reason we believe we don't have enough time to Pray regularly is because in the back of our minds we unconsciously hold a belief that Prayers must be long for them to be effective.

    But this is not true.

    Short Prayers can be just as powerful, just as effective as long Prayers.

    Even one-word Prayers can be powerful.




    These are all examples of one-word Prayers that can be effective when prayed with a sincere heart.

    Of course you're not limited to only using one-word Prayers, but it drives a point. Short Prayers Work!

    So if you have enough time for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube - heck if you even have enough time to read this post - you've got enough time to Pray.

    Several short but sincere Prayers throughout the day will do wonders for your heart connection with God if you'll just do them.

    And you know you have the time because these Prayers do not have to be long.

    You can also Pray while doing othere tasks such as waiting in line, or walking to the bathroom, or driving your car.

    While you may not have 100% attention available to listen deeply in these situations,

    these times can still affect your heart in profound ways, especially if you do them consistently over the course of time.

    You'll be practicing Praying while working, while you're busy, and this is a terrific habit to be in, and a wonderful way to live your life day by day.

    So now I've hopefully destroyed any time excuses you might have been holding on to in the back of your head as to why you "Don't have Enough Time to Pray."

    Yes, you most certainly do!

  2. The breath of the Lord is everywhere.  It gives life to everything we see.  The trees of the forest, the flowers of the field, the beautiful butterfly.  All have life because God has given it to them.  Gods words tell us... The Spirit of God has made me.  And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  Job 33.4   The breath of the Lord revives our lifeless soul.  When we have gone so far away from Him and are wandering in an empty world, the breath of  God comes to us and remind us that our life is not ours anymore.  It belongs to Jesus.   The author and finisher of our faith.  Then His word brings a new meaning into our existence.  It is... The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him.  The Spirit of wisdom and understanding.  The Spirit of counsel and strenght.  Isa. 11.2a  With a new hope in our lives then we can proclaim that Jesus is Lord of all.  A giver of life to a lifeless body.   Come, breath upon me breath of God and fill our hearts with joy, peace and happiness in this life an the next one ... In eternity. 

  3. All glory, all honor and all praise shall be unto Him who died for us.  Just look unto Him for help comes from His holy presence.  Praying and fasting before the Lord for our country to be saved and become light to all nations.   Blessed Lord, hear our prayers.  Amen

  4. Protect our Elected Officials, Military, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, National and International Intelligence, Environmental Protection, Park Rangers, Postal Workers, Civil Clerks and Lifeguards. Restrain the devil during Ramadan (Grant freedom to imprisoned believers & patriots in the 10/40 Window, strengthen and protect pastors and their congregations -- again protect the U.S. Military).


    Strengthen believers here and throughout the world as churches assemble on Sundays and other days. Help us call prayer meetings (even more than muslims who cry out every morning).


    Give guidance for the U.S. regarding elections/voting and protection from terrorism here and throughout the world. We ask for the salvation and protection of our households, coworkers and blessing on our jobs & employers, in the name of Jesus.

  5. Anyone can love us, care for us and come to our aid when the sun is shining bright.  But when the storms of life comes along, sickness sets in, money is scarece, then no one cares for you but Jesus.   Friends are only for a season but the faithfulness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting to those who fear and serve Him.   Hear what God said to all of us.    I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Jer. 31.3

  6. Let this prophecy speak to your situation:

    And as you continue to put yourself in the very center of my will you will find I am more than capable of accomplishing all things on your behalf. For I have already made a way for you, and I have already made a plan for you, so why would I not continue to see them through to their completion? Why would I start a thing and not complete it? Why would I abandon you?

    You take your own ideas, and your own habits, and look at the world through them. You look at me as if I am like you, even though you already know my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways. But even still, do not allow your heart to be afraid. Do not let your mind abide in doubt. For I am not like you. I am not a man that I would ever lie to you. I would not say a thing, and then neglect it.

    So embrace what I have given you. Accept what I have said to you. Know I am for you, not against you. My heart is overflowing with love for you, so do not continue to mistrust or doubt me. But run to my arms and drink of me. For as you do you will forget all the hurts and apprehensions you’ve acquired over your years. You will forget your disappointments and will dream and smile and laugh again, just as you did when you were a little child.

    Let go of the wisdom of your adulthood, and embrace the simplicity of knowing and loving me in the same was as a child. In doing so you will be liberated to be your true self, the one I have created and destined you to be. So discard these habits and embrace my will for your life. Dismantle your hyper-critical thinking, and embrace the pure motives I have placed within you, spawned from the depths of my love for you.

    Enjoy the simplicity of what I have in store for you. For my will for you will bless you. My plans for your life will cause you to grow and to flourish. My process in your life will cause you to mature and realize the full satisfaction of all that’s in store for you, today as well as tomorrow. So embrace this truth and enjoy the confidence of my great love and acceptance for you, knowing I have made a way for you, a plan for you, and will see them through until the very end.

  7. The Encourager
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    Child of God,

    If God has called you to minister His Word you cannot do it for long from a stagnant pool.  Stagnant means not growing or changing, not circulating or flowing. Stagnant also means dead air, dead water, water standing still rather than flowing and usually stagnant water will become dirty and smell.  Stagnant water is a breeding ground for disease.  Now if you are a Christian just sitting on a pew, it is not good for you to be stagnant either. 

    May I make a suggestion to you?  Become a lifelong learner.  Purpose in your heart to always grow spiritually and intellectually.    Read on a daily basis the Bible and select reading from a variety of healthy subjects that interest you and will cause you to think, learn, and grow.   If you do not like to read, buy the Bible and other books on CD and listen to them as you prepare for work, drive, or clean the house.  Go to seminars, take a class,  go to Sunday school, learn from mentors,  fellowship with others, but most importantly, spend time alone with God,  and then share with others what you have learned.
     Your choices will determine whether you are a stagnant pond or a running stream.  Be a running stream so that you can grow, be the best that you can be, and help those whom God has placed in your life to help.

    Your comments are always welcomed.

    When You Think Of Me, Pray For Me,
    Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., CS
    Certified Life Coach & Youth Minister   


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    When We Feel Frustrated   :angry::astonished::anguished::bawling:

    Philippians 4:10-13

    During seasons of frustration, a natural reaction is to blame circumstances or individuals. When we find ourselves hindered from achieving our goals, discontent may be triggered by external forces, even though the root cause often is internal. Then we sometimes make changes—such as quitting a job, ending a friendship, or moving away—in an attempt to spare ourselves further dissatisfaction. But that’s not how to find genuine peace. When frustrated, we must determine the cause. Discontent has three internal roots:

    One is the inability to accept ourselves as God created us. The talents, personality, and physical attributes we’ve been given may not be what we desire, but they are exactly what we need to follow God’s will for our life. Dwelling on what we lack or what we’d change distracts us from serving Him.

    A second root is a reluctance to deal with our past. We may have painful memories or recall mistakes that brought us heartache. Only when we admit their impact and confront any resulting emotional or psychological issues can we move on in peace.

    The final source of frustration is a refusal to deal with behaviors or attitudes that are outside the Lord’s will. Holding on to an ungodly spirit or a bad habit will often lead to the useless practice of repeatedly trying to justify ourselves to our heavenly Father and those around us.

    The human solution for frustration—changing our external situations—will fail every single time. The only way to truly uproot our frustration is by relying on God for the strength to grapple with its source.

    Bible in a Year: Psalms 50-54



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    Darkness and gloom hemmed in.  A voice was heard from heaven.  I shall arise again and again and I shall bless My people with peace.   I will bless His name and give Him glory.  And now we must live closer to the heart of God.  O Jesus, what a wonder You are.  You are so gentle, so pure and so kind to all of us.   You shine like bright morning star.  Leading us to our heavenly home.  O Jesus, how we love You, how we praise You now we adore Your holy name.  With lovingkindness and tender mercies He is calling us today.  His mercy and His love reaches us.  His hand of compassion will lift you up when you are down in the pit.  Let Your glory o Lord fill this house.  It is Yours and it shall be used to praise and honor Your name.  For You alone are holy, You alone are worthy and You deserver the glory now and forever more.   Amen

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    Jesus is my hiding place.. I will trust in Him all the time.  He will never ever fail us.  If we just come before Him with an open heart to hear His voice... He will tell us that He love us with an everlasting love.  When the world comes crashing in and chaos rules our minds, just call on the Lord.  He will hear from heaven and cast out all devils that come and torment us.  Let us all turn our hearts to the Lord.  The Lord is our hiding place, let us all trus tHIm al the time.  Let the weak say I am strong in the strenght of the Lord.   In times of joy and bliss, He lift us up even higher and fill us with delight.   Blessed Redeemer, living word He is.  Fair is the sunshine, fair is the moon light. The stars sparkle at night showing us the greatness of our Lord.  Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer... I will trust and never ever doubt Him.