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  1. In the name of the Lord Jesus there is power, there is restoration and blessings.   He can save us from all sin and evil.   Gracious Father, we come to You today.  Asking for mercy and compassion.   We are so glad to be Your chldren.  You have redeemed us from destruction and evil.   You o Lord are Jehovah Rapha a wonderful God who heals and mends our hearts anew.   Fill us o Lord with Your holy presence.  As we lift our hands toward heaven, hear us and answer all the prayers people write on this site.   O the depht of the richest both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.   How unsearcheable are His judgments and His ways past finding out.    Psalm 11.33

  2. I just can't help it.  I get a little misty (oh, who am I kidding? I ball like a newborn) when I think about how blessed we truly are.  Even when it doesn't look like it on the surface.  We've been groomed to think that the blessing is in the stuff we have.  Stuff is good; but, stuff is a perk.  WE'VE BEEN FORGIVEN!!!.  What a blessing.  And yet the real perk is in actually knowing that.


    Song in my heart:  "No Greater Love" -  GMWA

    (Over 30 years old and still the most beautiful lyrics ever penned.   Had He not died; He could not have risen.  Whenever I listen to this song the fervor and chaos at the end conjures up scenes of the   chaos that must have ensued during the procession to Calvary).


    JESUS went to Calvary

    To save a wretch like you and me.

    They hung HIM high

    They stretched HIM wide

    HE hung his head

    For me HE died

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    The greatest promise Jesus has given to all of us is this.   I am always with You.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.   Let us all bow down before the holy presence of God.  He is so beautiful beyond description.  His eyes are on each one of us.  Helping us, guiding our steps towards our eternal home in glory.  Let us all love Him with all our heart, mind and sou.  O Lord, Your face I always seek.  For in You alone o Lord there is fulness of joy.   Precious Lord, You are so precious to all who seek Your face day and night.  You shine on our path to heaven.   Trials and tribulations shall come but Your Hand of mercy and compassion shall reach us.  Whoever posseses the holy presence of God the wonder of His works shall shine throught them.  He shines like bright morning star.   O Jesus, we love you so much.  Thank youf or the wonderful promise to all of us.  I am always with you.   I will never leave you nor forsake you.   We believe, we trust and we are on our way to see You face to face in heaven.   Holy is the Lord.  Worthy of all praise, honor and glory now and forever more.  Amen

  3. The mind of God

    Love Him with your words, with your thoughts and with all your heart. 

    He cares for you so much.

    When He whispers down deep in your soul.

    Do not turn away from Him. 

    Jesus wants to be your best friend.

    He is worth more than a trillion dollars.

    Nothing on earth compares with what He has for you. 

    Therefore, smile and be happy.

    Jesus loves you and me so much.

    He is coming soon to take us all home to glory.


    Praise the Lord. 

  4. No more middle life crisis.

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    Though our eyes be dimmed, Gods eyes are on our own soul.  He never sleeps nor takes vacation.   Look up for Him in His word.  He will never ever leave you nor forsake you. Amen

  5. We worship You today.

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    Accept the love we bring before Thy holy throne.   We love You o Lord with all our heart, mind and soul.  We praise and adore Your holy name.  

    That we who know Thy favor in our life will lift up our voice in praise and adoration to You alone o Lord.  We may go far away from You or come near Your heart.  But Gods holy presence never goes far away from us.  He is standing close to our hearts.  He is saying to all of us.  Here I am,  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears My voice and opens the door.  I will enter in and dine with him.   Revelation 3.20   O God, beyond all praising.  We worship You today.   You are at the door of our hearts.   We are opening for You to enter in.  O come to my heart Lord Jesus and make Yourself at home.  We will bow down before You and adore Your holy name now and forever more.   Amen